• Training Programs

    MI training programs trainingFew things are as important as training. You take time out of your busy schedule, travel to remote locations and attempt to better yourself by becoming more competitive. You gain competency, communicate new ideas and reunite with colleagues while benefiting from their insight and experience.

    To accomplish this, travel logistics management must harmonize with intense speaker coordination and participant scheduling. We recognize this by designing sophisticated systems that account for breakout sessions, pre-work (homework) and the general sessions that characterize a successful event. We pride ourselves on navigating the complexity of these programs and ensuring that they are highly effective learning experiences.

    Speaker Coordination

    We use special tools and techniques to collect speaker requirements such as audio/visual, room setup and handouts. We can even incorporate pre-work into the registration process. All of this frees you from this time-consuming, detail-driven process.

    Personal Scheduling

    We have developed personal scheduling modules as part of our registration process. This allows you to give participants their choice of attending different sessions and then provide a personalized agenda to each participant and an accurate classroom roster for each speaker. This also helps to verify who has attended required classes.