• Site Selection

    MI site selection siteSome clients choose to outsource only the site selection and contracting process to us. Others need site selection as part of a more comprehensive meeting planning solution we’re providing to them. In either case, our site selection services are complimentary. The hotel pays us a commission, and we use that money to pay for your work on your behalf. Therefore, our site selection and contracting services don’t cost you anything.

    To find the perfect venue, we collect your event demographics and incorporate them into the venue search process. By reviewing the number of participants, the event agenda, geographic requirements and financial considerations, we are able to produce an Availability Report that details the hotels able to support your program. You can then see the full range of locations available for your program in a comprehensive, easy-to-read document that we continue to update until a location is selected.

    See how we can help you make the right match at the right price.

    Download Site Selection PDF