• Auto Shows

    ED exhibits autoWe have engaged in staging thousands of auto shows with major manufacturers throughout the United States.

    Consumer auto shows and dealer announcement shows often engage everyone including the press, dealers, dealership personnel and consumers in launching new vehicles in creative and imaginative ways. Designed to create the "wow" factor on the part of the audience, we have designed and implemented hundreds of product reveal events.

    Using everything from the most simple and sublime means to the downright spectacular in their theatrical automotive launch solutions, our talented teams come together to dazzle and communicate with the intended audience in unlimited ways. These elements can include pyrotechnics; professional entertainers; multimedia and audio/visual services; water; mechanical devices including hydraulic lifts, turntables and staging; music, lighting, theatrics and laser imaging; and interactivity to literally create one-of-a-kind or mass-producible, reoccurring experiences.