• Exhibit Design & Build Services

    ED design exhibitA talented team of in-house designers and fabricators is able to accomplish any client need. Custom, modular, freestanding and permanent displays and exhibits are all solutions we support.

    In establishing a solution for any application, we assemble the production team from a variety of disciplines including industrial, interior, graphic and CAD designers; mechanical, electrical, design, safety and structural engineers; animators, audio/visual and multimedia producers; graphics technicians, IT and web developers; and regulatory and compliance specialists. Supplying the appropriate staffing throughout the conceptual, working drawings, fabrication and installation of the exhibits and displays results in a turnkey solution that all but guarantees success in meeting your objectives.

    A distinct advantage of using Morley for your exhibit or display needs is that we are not confined to creating a solution based on any specific product line. We look at solving your needs in the most creative, cost-effective manner by exploring all the various options that exist in the marketplace.

    Client solutions require a comprehensive understanding of the industry. We are not tied to only custom fabrication or any one provider/manufacturer of exhibit or display applications or components. Our solutions are based on how to provide the optimal end product that meets every customer consideration including overall design, value, quality of materials, brand compliance, service regardless of venue or application, sustainability, consistency, compatibility with existing properties (where required), longevity, durability factors, and conformance to building and regulatory codes.

    Often, we combine custom fabrication with various modular components from various manufacturers to provide the best of both worlds ... showing our clients' products or services in the best way possible while understanding the need to conform to budget considerations. In addition, we develop overall design solutions that can incorporate custom, modular and freestanding displays to provide you with the ultimate versatility and flexibility.

  • Custom

    ED design customOur custom displays and exhibits are produced by exceptionally talented fabricators in woods, plastics, metals and fabrics, including the newest eco-friendly products to support sustainable applications. Using the latest synthetics and laminates, our designers can provide you with custom solutions without the inherent disadvantages typically associated with these materials – most significantly weight, which affects transportation costs, drayage and storage.

    Our commitment to quality craftsmanship is unrivaled and permeates all that we do. Our in-house fabrication, metalworking and paint shops provide for all manner of construction capabilities. And with an expansive, in-house, free span exhibit setup area we can easily accommodate any of your needs.

    As more and more exhibits and displays go modular or portable, the ever-present need still exists to adapt to client needs for custom solutions. This type of application can be especially important in the unique representation of your brand with a one-of-a-kind exhibit or in the capturing of data through customized kiosks using the latest technology.

  • Modular

    ED design modularIf you want the look of a custom exhibit but without the weight, your needs are easily accomplished by carefully blending aluminum structural components, lightweight fabrics and plastics, LED lighting and ink jet-printed graphics to maximize function, form and flexibility.

    With the prominence now being placed on green business practices, modular exhibitry has come to the forefront of integrating sustainable materials. Recycled materials are in vogue and we pursue every manner of application to be sensitive to our global environment. Every day, new sustainable products – from aluminum to bamboo flooring and from fabric to new graphics substrates – are offered to the marketplace.

    European- and Asian-influenced design cues are masterfully combined to create stunning exhibits that impart the feelings of old yet new, timeless yet contemporary and cutting edge yet traditional. Each component is carefully matched with fabrics and dimensionally stable background panels to communicate brand messages in tasteful and artfully enhanced forms.

    By not being tied to any one system, we can blend the best of many into integrated offerings that focus on both the design and the utility of your final application.

    Free-Standing Event Signage

    ED design signageIn today's highly competitive marketplace, the ability to leverage a trade show presence is often compromised due to the costs of exhibiting. With the advent of ink jet-printed supergraphics, we accomplish maximum impact with less cost on the carrier or display to frame or support those graphics.

    By using lightweight aluminum structures and a variety of flexible materials and fabrics, our designers can provide you with the ability to inexpensively make a major statement on the show floor.

    Whether the exhibit is a 10' display background or linking "window shade" roll-up, your company can communicate an impactful message to the intended audience. We often use these exhibit structures in a limited setting or when you do not need to incorporate shelf space, product displays or storage units as part of your actual exhibit.

    Attention-grabbing graphics are imprinted, mounted to a variety of substrates and then suspended from the structural supports. Graphics used in such a fashion are designed to be "booth-stoppers" like billboard advertising on a highway.

    Portable Displays

    Portable events are literally "signs of the times" with an application that attempts to maximize your return on investment using an established process of inventorying both exhibits and graphics, pairing the two and using the combination to address any requirement for small show applications. Whether your solution is a freestanding pop-up or tabletop display, the end-to-end solution we offer ensures optimal flexibility.

    Turnkey portables programs are the ultimate in simplicity for clients. You simply go to a Morley-hosted website that walks you through the process of planning and orchestrating the delivery of your complete display property and graphics to the show floor. Every step of the way is coordinated with this online solution.

    These portables events are designed to maximize efficiencies by using no more than two people for the vast majority of freestanding exhibit setups, and generally one person for all other setups. Another distinct advantage to using these portable displays is the knowledge that you have an approved message within an approved package. You can be confident that your exhibit will accurately reflect and support your brand, and that your message will be conveyed in the way it was intended.

    We often use this application when many shows need to be handled simultaneously (for example, your distributor's or field sales organization's demonstration programs), where usage can be on a monthly or even a weekly basis.

  • Permanent

    ED design permanentWe can put decades of experience to work for you in designing and building custom applications that reside in a more permanent environment. These applications can include corporate lobby displays, retail store fixtures and build outs, and museum exhibits.

    Sustainable yet durable abuse-resistant materials are leveraged to provide the ultimate in client solutions. Our professionals have designed and constructed displays utilized in dozens of demanding, diverse environments from an interactive children's museum to contemporary corporate lobby displays and kiosks.

    Our experienced staff ensures that your exhibits or displays are in total compliance with all building and fire codes, as well as ADA and public safety statutes. To accommodate every aspect of these installations, engineering stamped drawings are provided when required in order to provide turnkey solutions for all possible applications.