• Sales & Marketing Support

    We manage several sales and marketing support service operations with an infinite capacity to accommodate the vast details required to provide turnkey solutions.

    These applications include many different types of customer interaction programs that rely on our contact center capabilities and are supported by our in-house creative and information technology groups. This integration of the various products and services that we offer results in comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs.

    Typical applications include:

    • Rebate and award check processing programs
    • Diversity of fulfillment operations
    • Certification tracking for training programs
    • Performance management programs
    • Lead management programs
    • Sales support contact centers
  • Educational Tour Processing (Travel)

    As the sales and service center for a leading museum and research complex, we address customer interest in sponsored travel experiences. Working together with numerous independent special interest tour operators, this organization develops and markets hundreds of specialty tour programs each year to its members, readers of the organization’s primary publication and the general public.

    It is essential to provide customers with a single point of contact that delivers consistency of service standards. We fill this role as a customer-facing extension of our client, responding to travel-related questions, providing additional information and details, taking bookings, collecting and processing tour payments, and sending pre- and post-tour mailings in compliance with client protocol.

    In addition to our customer sales and service center role, we use our data management resources to plan and execute effective outbound call and email campaigns to boost travel sales. Information gathered through data mining, social media, webchat and other sources is optimized for strategic initiatives that are individually tailored to meet specific marketing objectives.

  • B2C Webchat (Automotive)

    The evolution of the digital shopper has brought us to a place where more consumers prefer to text or chat than use voice. In addition to phone, social and email, our contact centers use webchat to communicate with your customers the way that they prefer.

    For example, we operate a webchat support team for all brands of a major, Detroit-based automotive manufacturer. On the corporate site and on each of its brand sites, users can initiate a chat with an agent for all pre-sale customer service issues, such as finding dealerships, locating dealerships with vehicles that fit the user’s desired specifications, answering all vehicle questions (e.g., available colors, trunk size, MPG, etc.) and more.

    Our associates also provide direction to customers who have service questions by connecting these customers to appropriate resources who can answer their questions.

  • B2C Rebate Program (Retail/Government)

    We help clients fulfill their rebate programs, including collecting submitted rebates, verifying eligibility according to program rules, providing payment on eligible rebates, notifying customers of ineligible claims, providing customer service, answering customer inquiries, preventing oversubscription and fraudulent claims, and reporting on rebate participation and budget.

    For example, when Congress authorized the State Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program (SEEARP) to support states in their efforts to establish and administer rebate programs for residential ENERGY STAR® appliance products, we were selected as the service provider to administer the Arkansas, District of Columbia, Montana, Nebraska and Texas programs.

    We provided a two-part solution:

    • A web interface to the Morley Enterprise Rebate System (MERS) – a dynamic online application customized to adhere to the look and feel of each client’s website standards, available to consumers as well as retailers as a principal means of communicating program information. 
    • A contact center staffed by trained CCRs, which utilized a state-of-the-art IVR (interactive voice response) call management system and VOIP (voice-over-Internet protocol) technologies to manage program inquiries quickly and efficiently.

    We worked with the clients to develop FAQs, program rules, IVR scripts, inbound scripts, web content, rebate forms, vendor lists and appliance lists. The program launches went without a hitch, with rebate submissions and consumer/retailer inquiries fielded promptly at the start of business on launch day.

    We implemented additional process improvements such as:

    • A centralized database for all data (minimized informational conflicts by giving consistent data to all client, administrative and consumer users)
    • Allowing rebate processing of new products (the additional flexibility greatly streamlined rebate applications for items not in the database, resulting in fewer customer calls to the clients and Morley)

    Our real-time, dynamic tracking and reporting of available funds through the MERS web portal gave consumers and the clients a very clear picture of fund availability throughout the process, resulting in a smooth shutdown of rebate submission once all funds were committed.

  • B2B Direct Sales (Retail)

    Companies today have to work hard to retain existing customers while constantly finding new ones. Our B2B direct sales services aid in this process, resulting in sales growth, process improvement and increased customer satisfaction.

    For example, a major retailer for consumer clothing enlisted us to manage the order solicitation and order processing for its licensed products including children’s wear, socks, gloves, belts and accessories. Instead of using its own people to work with licensed manufacturers, the client decided to outsource these administrative and contact center activities to us to maintain a high level of customer service and coordinate the additional sales requirements resulting from licensing.

    During this project, we were responsible for the sales effort to 6,600+ client accounts. To support this endeavor, we provided personnel, IT systems, physical infrastructure (offices, desks, computers, phones), dedicated toll-free numbers and websites for this program. Personnel acted as customer service representatives who proactively contacted accounts to make sales, fulfilled catalogs and promotional literature, and provided any other information customers required. Communication took place via inbound and outbound phone, email and fax. In addition, our representatives attended client trade shows to personally meet with customers.

    General objectives of this effort included the following:

    • Track sales and link to contact frequency targets and customer service efforts
    • Management of 4,200+ retail accounts representing 12,000+ retail locations
    • Relationship management with 6,600+ apparel buyers
    • Product information and promotional material tracking to determine acceptance

    The success of this endeavor resulted in the retailer’s decision to license additional products, thereby expanding our role in managing this operation.

    Our team’s results:

    • Brought in approximately 45% of the total business for the children’s clothing brand
    • Added a new licensee, for which we achieved exceptional first-season sales
    • Grew sales by 22% in year 1
    • Opened 195 new accounts in first five months of year 2

    Customer testimonials:

    “As a buyer of 21 stores, it’s nice to have a single point of contact instead of four sales reps. I just wouldn’t have time for that many representatives.”

    “It’s satisfying to know that someone will always pick up the phone. I don’t have to wait for a call back.”

    “Your team really knows how to sell. I called in with a customer service issue and your representative convinced me to buy more products.”