• Legal Settlements

    We have proven expertise in legal settlement program headquarters services, providing strict adherence to settlement details and business rules while maintaining superior customer satisfaction, accurate reporting and overall cost efficiency. Our turnkey services enable you to continue your business operations with minimal involvement in the details of lawsuit administration.

    The complexity of settlement parameters and the continuing perceptions in the public eye have led manufacturers to work with us in establishing specific objectives for settlement administration:

    • Retain customers by making the settlement fulfillment process as pleasant as possible
    • Equip customer contact representatives with access to information that enables them to complete transactions during a single customer contact
    • Design and implement the most efficient business management process to minimize cost to the manufacturer
    • Develop and implement a flexible technical support system that enables quick and inexpensive modification when court decisions change specifications
    • Provide the manufacturer with current information on the settlement status during the fulfillment period
    During the Litigation Process

    We provide the following services during the ongoing litigation process:

    • Identify the sources of various information and arrange to receive data or link electronically to the source when data is needed
    • Develop the technical support system and modify it as required when court decisions require system changes
    • Develop software that permits customer contact representatives to enter any manufacturer identification number and immediately know if it is for an eligible product
    • Receive and respond to all communications the manufacturer receives regarding the litigation process
    • Provide information to the manufacturer's distribution or sales channels regarding the status of litigation and define the fulfillment process when the settlement is near
    • Build the database necessary to support the fulfillment process
    • Train customer contact representatives on the settlement details and using system tools for efficient response to consumer requests
    • Provide the manufacturer and its sales channels with a toll-free number, email address and website to contact us with questions regarding the settlement

    When the redemption period begins, we:

    • Coordinate the mailing of settlement announcement pieces to the owners at their last-known addresses
    • Receive undeliverable mailings returned by the USPS and flag the master file to indicate the return; correct and re-mail the piece once the reason for non-delivery can be eliminated
    • Receive and process requests for claim forms from class members; enter all requests the same day and fulfill requests the next day; and update the database to indicate when requests are processed
    • Provide ongoing reporting to the manufacturer regarding the number of settlement claims pending, received and fulfilled
    • Qualify third-party designees and fulfill special claims as permitted by the terms of settlement
    • Transmit claims for reimbursement of the settlement value to the manufacturer's distribution and sales channels
    • Update the master file to invalidate and replace certificates that consumers report as lost, damaged or stolen

    We have successfully and efficiently managed legal settlements where the number of claimants has ranged from several hundred thousand to several million, and where the settlement time frame ranged from several months to over a decade. Throughout the process, we were able to scale our operations to meet manufacturer service level expectations and provide a cost-effective process that saved manufacturers time and money.