• Morley Helps You Get It Right

    When you’re planning an event, one of the most important (and costly) components is the venue. It can be grueling to search for a property that meets all your specifications: the right fit, at the right price, with the right compliance measures built into the contract … and a world full of options to compare.

    What if you could feed all your wants and needs into one place, and receive an email that lists every property that is available and matches all of your requirements? And what if it didn’t cost you anything to get it?

    Morley has mastered the art of finding the right hotel, and we can give you that list … and more.

    We have developed a technique that enables us to consistently and quickly match up your specifications to available properties, which we deliver to you in a single Availability Report that lists:

    • All properties that are available, pending and unavailable (you’ll know exactly the scope of the search)
    • Specific dates available (in case you’re flexible and need a range of dates)
    • Room rates (plus info on taxes, gratuities, resort fees, etc.)
    • Pricing and availability for function space (you’ll see actual room names listed)

    Throughout the process, you have a single point of contact who searches the world, narrows the choices and sends an easy-to-read document directly to your inbox. Have questions? No problem. Personal assistance is a phone call or email away. Our goal is to make this easy for you.

    Making the Right Match

    Right Fit

    • Geographically, is it located in the right place?
    • Are there enough sleeping rooms, meeting rooms, recreational activities?
    • Does it meet your event planner’s creative vision?

    Right Price

    • Is it within budget?
    • How does it compare to other available hotels?
    • Does it offer the right combination of concessions?

    Right Compliance

    • Is the contract compliant with your sourcing/purchasing department’s requirements?
    • Is the selection process compliant with your company’s strategic meeting management process?

    Getting the Right Price

    Pricing is a big part of why a property may or may not be a good match for you, so we have an extensive “cost checklist” that is integrated into our standard site search. In addition to room rates, we include items such as food and beverage minimums, golf rates, spa prices, meeting room rentals and audio/visual equipment rentals. This helps you understand the value of the offering so that you can make good choices ... after we’ve crunched the numbers for you.

    Here’s what happens next:

    • You choose a potential hotel
    • You provide us with your company- specific contract requirements
    • We begin our contract negotiations process: your requirements + our requirements (based on best practices)
    • We document all of the savings we achieve on your behalf
    • We deliver a Negotiated Savings Report to you so that you can see the terms we’ve negotiated
    • We work with you and your sourcing/purchasing department to answer questions
    • You sign the hotel contract

    As for Morley’s fee for these services…

    The hotel pays us a commission, and we use that money to pay for our work on your behalf. Therefore, our site selection and contracting services don’t cost you anything.

    You might ask, “Does the commission increase the cost of using that hotel?” The answer is no. The hotel industry charges the same price regardless of whether you go to them directly or use an agent like Morley. It’s always the same price. The commission that pays for our service is always available to us.

    Clients have been impressed with our transparency, attention to detail and professionalism when it comes to our site selection and contract negotiation processes. You know where you stand at every stage, and when it comes to signing the contract, you’re confident that you’re making the right decision because we’ve helped you assess all your options and negotiate the best pricing and concessions.

    We look forward to learning more about what’s right for you and helping you find the right hotel for your next meeting or event.

    Choosing the Right Partner

    To be your best partner, we:

    • Understand and document your requirements (we’re expert listeners)
    • Build your specific wants and needs into our systems
    • Give you the tools to verify you’re making the right decisions (Availability Report)
    • Show you how we save you money (Negotiated Savings Report)
    • Maintain our Morley Gold Standard® of customer care throughout the entire process

    Download Site Selection PDF