• What Does “Easy” Mean to You?

    We hear it from meeting planners at Fortune 500 companies all the time.

    They need the data so that they can properly plan their events, but many do-it-yourself solutions require too much effort and can’t be easily customized.

    Then there’s Morley.

    When we designed our online registration solution, we did it specifically with corporate meeting planners in mind. We understand what you go through to ensure your work is brand compliant, accurate and done on time, even on a moment’s notice. We know it’s stressful for you to customize and test software templates under these conditions.

    That’s exactly why our system does not require you to “do it yourself.” Instead, we do it for you with a team of experienced IT, creative and customer service professionals who build and maintain your site. You give one of our program managers the rundown on your program, and we give you a registration solution that will exceed your expectations.

    Easy Does Not Mean “Expensive”

    In fact, our system is often less costly than doing it yourself.

    There are no annual fees, licenses or minimums to hit.

    You simply pay a price per person based on the services you use.

    As a true partner, we invest our time in learning your brand standards, travel policies and database integration needs (e.g., Salesforce). We give you the peace of mind to focus on what you do best rather than becoming a web developer.

    Customizing Is Easy

    Following are just a few examples of how we can make your job simpler.

    Add custom fields to your registration site.

    We start with basic templates for the most common data points for meetings and events, and can add or delete any items based on your preferences (e.g., What’s your shirt size?).

    Create customized reporting.

    Most clients are amazed that our six basic reports cover 99% of their reporting requirements. However, based on your individual needs, we can create any customized reporting you desire. All of our reports are formatted so they can be sent via email or easily pasted into a spreadsheet.

    Serve multiple attendee types.

    If you need to offer different information and registration to three, five or any number of attendee types, we can accommodate you, and in most cases, at no additional charge.

    Reach Your Registration Goals

    Your online registration system helps you achieve three important goals.

    1. Communication

    Get your message out in a brand-compliant, easy-to-use online environment.

    2. Information Management

    Gather and manage your program details:

    • Hotel sleeping rooms
    • Meeting room requirements
    • Food and beverage counts
    • Golf/spa/activity reservations
    • Air reservations
    • Ground transportation
    3. Reporting

    As soon as your site is live, you have access to online, real-time reporting so you can keep your finger on the pulse of your event.

    • RSVP Reports
    • Participant Reports
    • Hotel Rooming Reports
    • Seminar Selection Reports
    • Arrival/Departure Reports

    Our system is designed to maximize all of these goals without increasing cost.

    More Than Online Registration

    We’ve worked with meeting and event planners since 1963, and we were early adopters of the concepts that our industry now calls Strategic Meeting Management (SMM).

    We develop service products specifically for companies and their planning professionals. Because we’re also able to provide air reservation, hotel sourcing and program headquarters services, we understand exactly how to build a robust registration site that integrates with these critical support elements.

    Further, when you’re using our full meeting planning services to achieve your SMM goals, we use this knowledge to track program budgets and provide you with a complete accounting of all elements that we manage on your behalf.

    Case Study: What It's Like to Be a Morley Client
    • You call us to let us know you need a registration site.
    • After the call, you send us a description of the program, such as a basic agenda, hotel, location and registration requirements.
    • Based on your deadline, we provide a fully functioning, brand-compliant registration website ready for use …fully tested, checked for accuracy, and validated for brand compliance.
    • You send us a spreadsheet with the names and email addresses for your invited participants.
    • Registration officially opens as we send your participants e-vitations with a link to the site.
    • You can view all our reporting in real time.

    Based on the complexity of your program, all of this can happen in as few as five business days. Sound good? It really is that easy. Let us prove it.

    We’re Here to Serve

    When you choose to work with Morley, you are choosing to experience firsthand the same world-class, Morley Gold Standard® service that some of the world’s largest companies enjoy.

    The key to this experience is the strong team of professionals working on your behalf giving you the information that’s essential to your program. We listen to your vision, and then make it happen … quickly, accurately and cost effectively.

    Download Easy Online Registration PDF