• Exhibit Inventory Websites

    Online Asset Management

    A residential and commercial building material manufacturer conducts approximately 100 events annually. With a vast network of sellers stationed throughout the country, the client needed a tool through which the entire team could view and order existing assets for use at smaller events and trade shows. Morley drew upon its existing trade show management website and systems to deliver a custom trade show website to fulfill these requirements.

    • Morley hosts and maintains the client’s exhibit inventory website
    • The site enables all client employees (i.e., field sellers, sales assistants, marketing, communications, distributors and agents) to view and order existing items from inventory
    • Orders are placed online
    • Assets are managed online
    • Morley reports year-end use of both individual exhibits by type and overall asset use so the client can decide whether to eliminate, replicate or supplement portable materials for future inventory and use

    With hundreds of hits and approximately 80 orders placed annually through this tool, the website has proven to be a valuable tool for the client by allowing it to consistently and effectively communicate with the entire field organization.

    Download Online Asset Management PDF