• Objective

    Increase enrollment activity among potential new UAW retiree members

    A client began marketing a PPO insurance package to retired members of United Auto Workers (UAW), and needed a knowledgeable partner to handle incoming calls, manage pre-enrollment fulfillment and answer benefits questions expertly and professionally.

    Morley Solution

    A scheduling and communications system that seamlessly merged Morley’s expertise with the client’s brand

    • Expanded client’s service workforce without adding internal headcount. Morley agents operated an inbound/outbound call center, expertly and professionally answering benefit- and plan-specific questions and sending out informational pieces like brochures and enrollment kits. Our agents were an extension of our client’s team and were rigorously trained to be brand ambassadors.
    • Increased likelihood of enrollment by maximizing attendance at informational sessions. Potential members attending one or more informational benefits seminars were more likely to become members. When seminars still had attendance space, Morley agents would search the database, contact retirees within a specific ZIP code and register interested parties in order to increase conversion rates.
    • Opened communication channels between the client and Morley’s front-line agents to create a seamless environment. We leveraged our people and technology to drive efficiency and effectiveness. For example, our state-of-the-art telephone systems enabled us to exceed inbound call service levels. Our automated dialer increased member reach by fluently managing the outbound calling sample. We also designed and managed a master database that gave clients the ability to track progress.


    Exceeding the client’s goal

    • Morley has spoken to 268,000 potential members since program inception.
    • We’ve accommodated urgent requests for high-volume reach-outs when our client needed us the most.
    • Now in the fourth year of partnership, the enrollment program continues to grow. Last year, the number of eligible enrollees more than doubled.
    • From 2012 to 2013, the number of program reservations grew by 220%, resulting in increased responsibilities for Morley — and more members for the client.

    At Morley, we work to be a true partner to our clients. That means working together to leverage our award-winning people, processes and technology to enhance your customer service experiences.

    Download Retiree Pre-Enrollment PDF