• Objective

    Provide members with courteous, effective communication during difficult situations

    Effectively communicating to members during a change in benefits or security breach is an essential part of good customer service. A client wanted help managing crisis communications and needed a partner to provide sympathetic, professional service that showed members their insurance provider cared about them.

    Morley Solution

    A state-of-the-art inbound/outbound contact center paired with highly trained agents skilled at navigating difficult situations with warmth and understanding

    • Situation 1: Drug Formulary Program. When changes to the drug formulary program affected members’ medication insurance coverage, Morley agents proactively reached out to affected individuals to make the transition smoother. Agents provided information, listened to complaints and put members in touch with helpful resources to make sure our client met their health and wellness needs.
    • Situation 2: High-Risk Medication. When our client identified members as being on a “high-risk” medication, Morley agents proactively contacted them to make sure individuals were fully aware of drug risks and side effects. Agents educated members on alternative options, answered questions and connected members with resources like an in-house pharmacist who could answer specific questions and provide health and wellness solutions.
    • Situation 3: Incident Management. When an incident occurred that impacted a group of members, Morley acted as an inbound incident call center to help the client regain member trust. Agents answered questions, provided information and helped diffuse concern. We compiled daily updates to give the client the latest information on the situation.


    Increased member satisfaction and improved perception of client’s customer service

    • In each situation, Morley added a sympathetic, caring human element to information normally communicated with an informal letter.
    • Members felt their concerns and voices were heard and that their insurance provider cared about them.
    • Our client was very pleased with how we managed each situation, and plans to continue these programs when needed.

    At Morley, we work to be a true partner to our clients. That means working together to leverage our award-winning people, processes and technology to enhance your customer service experiences.

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