• Objective

    Manage the enrollment verification process while meeting compliance requirements

    A client needed assistance managing its Medicare enrollment verification process from start to finish, and contracted us to design a business process outsourcing system that would incorporate and track the multiple touch points necessary to meet all government-mandated steps.

    Morley Solution

    A state-of-the-art system that provided professional, positive and personal service at every interaction

    • Expanded the client’s service workforce without adding internal headcount. A rigorously trained group of Morley agents served as an extension of our client as they operated an outbound call center. Agents contacted a daily list of members according to government-mandated touch points, confirmed intent to enroll, answered questions, mailed verification letters and managed disenrollments when necessary.
    • Designed a technological hub to streamline two-way communication. Morley’s internal IT team designed and maintained an interactive, online dashboard containing key metrics, the status of records being processed, enrollment/disenrollment status and telephone audio recordings. Clients could access dashboards and data in real time, enhancing their ability to keep the pulse of the program right at their fingertips.


    Achieved compliance and client peace of mind

    • During the life of this program, Morley assisted the client in verifying over 80,000 enrollments.
    • We successfully met all requirements of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and achieved 100 percent client satisfaction with the process.
    • Morley’s involvement allowed the client to focus on providing exemplary benefits and service to existing members, while having peace of mind that Morley met all CMS verification requirements and cared for enrollees with a high level of service and professionalism.

    At Morley, we work to be a true partner to our clients. That means working together to leverage our award-winning people, processes and technology to enhance your customer service experiences.

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