• Largest Legal Settlement

    Morley was contracted to manage the largest-volume legal settlement program in automotive history. During the course of this program, milestones mandated by multiple state supreme courts required sufficient staffing resources to manage the database of over 7,000,000 vehicle owners.

    This project started in 1992 and concluded some 15 years later, making it the longest-running legal settlement program. In the course of this time frame, the program rose from a dozen active staff members to hundreds of active staff members, then back again. Staffing for this project continually dipped and skyrocketed, each time the result of different trials in different states.

    In one instance, after a lengthy session of one state supreme court, the court required that our client reinstitute a fully functioning program headquarters of 150 trained staff within five days from a veritable mothballed state of operations.

    Morley mobilized associates to hire, train, moderate, supervise and service the client, all in a period of time that was acceptable to the court. Dedicating massive resources, cross training, instituting overtime and maintaining quality control checks were all techniques employed to be ready by the mandated day. In four days (instead of five, as the court had required), Morley was ready and the client was 100% compliant with all the court’s orders.

    Additional services Morley provided throughout this endeavor included:
    • Handling certificate printing, assembly and bulk mailing to the 5.2 million class members listed in the class action lawsuit settlement
    • Using innovative database software, customer contact representatives verified information, answered inquiries for class members and dealerships, and processed settlement certificates
    • Reviewing 100% of certificate inquiries for compliance to the settlement guidelines prior to processing (Morley data analysts imported the client’s customer delivery information to match against class member information)
    • Reporting 100% of certificate data to the client daily

    In addition, in 2011, Morley managed two major automotive class action lawsuit settlement programs, one for a Korean manufacturer with its U.S. headquarters in California, and one for a Japanese manufacturer with its U.S. headquarters in Nashville.

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