• BPO Contact Center Services

    Our contact centers help clients in the government, healthcare, insurance, financial and automotive industries get closer to their customers, prospective customers, patients, suppliers and other stakeholder groups. We provide multi-channel support (inbound/outbound phone, web, fax, email, mail) that caters to each group’s unique needs, and are proud that OEMs on three continents have recognized us with awards for achieving their goals.

    Government Rebate Programs

    Who we help: State governments, districts and consumers in the U.S.

    Agents receive rebates, verify eligibility, provide payment, notify customers of ineligible claims, answer customer service inquiries and prevent fraudulent claims. Reporting of available funds through our web portal gives stakeholders a clear picture of fund availability.

    • Million-dollar rebates validated and disbursed for energy-efficient consumer products.
    • Bandwidth for high-volume consumer Internet traffic.
    • Contact center scalability to handle virtually any size requirements.
    Educational Tour Processing

    Who we help: Institutions of higher learning and cultural exchange in the U.S.

    Agents answer travel-related questions, book trips, collect and process tour payments, and send pre- and post-tour mailings. In addition, our data management resources enable agents to execute outbound call and email campaigns to boost travel sales.

    • Consistent track record of sales growth.
    • CRM-driven processes to learn about customers and generate leads.
    Medicare OEV Program

    Who we help: Insurance carriers in the U.S.

    Morley manages all aspects of the OEV process. Agents work with members to understand the plan they enrolled in as well as the plan guidelines/benefits. We provide secure data management, quality control and call auditing.

    • Reporting meets CMS data reporting requirements.
    • Successfully meet CMS 15-day window requirement.
    Program Headquarters Services

    Who we help: Financial institutions in the U.S.

    Morley develops custom, transaction-based, customer service initiatives for clients around the globe. Programs involve rewarding customers with points they can redeem for travel and merchandise. Morley handles all program administration and reward fulfillment including print/digital communications, database design and administration, purchase and point balance tracking, quarterly statement processing, and all reporting.

    • We work with 500+ vendors to provide the best price and quality.
    • Access to designer and brand-name merchandise at competitive prices.

    Corporate Stakeholders/Corporate Program Services

    Reacquired Vehicle Management

    Who we help: Customers and dealerships in the U.S. and OEMs in the U.S. and abroad

    Agents assist with the vehicle buyback process including vehicle repurchase, vehicle inspections, vehicle disposition, titling, closing support, disclosure and state sales tax recovery.

    • We are the only supplier that guarantees 60-day disposition.
    • We use disposition process steps to strategically support recall activity.
    • Proven ability to reduce cost and improve customer satisfaction/retention. We lowered administrative costs for one OEM by 43% while reducing its carrying cost of inventory by 69%.
    Legal Settlements

    Who we help: OEMs, consumers and the U.S. legal system

    Quickly mobilized associates to administer legally mandated settlements. Agents answer questions and facilitate certificate inquiries via inbound/outbound telephony. They also provide compliance verification, certificate printing, assembly and bulk mailing services.

    • Morley managed the largest-volume, longest-running legal settlement program in automotive history – more than 7 million owners throughout over 15 years.
    Sales & Marketing Support Services

    Who we help: Sales and marketing teams in the U.S.

    Our contact centers – with the support of our creative and IT teams – produce programs including rebate and check processing, fulfillment operations, certification tracking, performance management, lead management and sales support.

    Database Cleansing/Data Validation

    Who we help: Automotive OEMs

    Analysts determine the quality of companies’ customer databases, helping clients improve their capture of information (including email) and providing a better understanding of competitive products in the household.

    Dealership Support Services

    Technical Assistance Center

    Who we help: Dealership service department techs in the U.S. (soon to add Canadian dealerships)

    Over 200 ASE-certified consultants in one place, providing technical information through inbound help desk services.

    • One of the largest, centrally located groups of ASE-certified techs in the world.
    • Recognized globally with our client’s Culture Award, Transformation Award and Business Unit of the Year Award.
    Supply Chain Process Management

    Who we help: Dealership parts departments, warehouse distributors, mass merchandisers, consumers and personnel in the U.S. and Canada

    Aftermarket consultants provide order status and tracking, pricing, availability, invoice re-queue and other supply chain assistance functions through an inbound contact center.

    Parts Department Support Team

    Who we help: Dealership parts department personnel in the U.S. and Canada

    Agents answer inbound calls for catalog assistance questions, limited part availability concerns and corrective action procedures related to catalog discrepancies. They also initiate the quality investigation process.

    • Recognized globally with our client’s Performance Award and Transformation Award.
    Restricted Parts Management

    Who we help: Parts department personnel in the U.S. and Canada

    Agents help dealerships calling for authorization on warranty claims for restricted parts or high-value parts components, including requests for major components and new product technology.

    Dealership Front Office Support

    Who we help: Dealership front offices in the U.S.

    Agents manage support activities such as order fulfillment (options, tracking, rush orders), dealer services (claims processing, warranty payments, dealer bulletins), dealer sales (incentive compatibility, incentive reimbursements), dealer applications (technical support) and training (technical requirements for certification).

    • Recognized globally with our client’s Customer Experience Award.
    Warranty Support Center

    Who we help: Dealership fixed operations managers in the U.S.

    Agents receive warranty claims, analyze them for accuracy and take action on/make corrections to claims as necessary.

    • Established an important audit function for our client.
    Initial Contact/Customer Satisfaction Data Collection & Reporting

    Who we help: OEMs and dealerships in the U.S.

    Agents conduct outbound customer satisfaction calls to obtain feedback on dealership sales and service department experiences.

    • Morley’s dual-fielding platform helps us efficiently collect data via web and phone with no duplicate communications.
    Goodwill Team

    Who we help: Dealership and customer support associates in the U.S.

    Agents administer all goodwill initiatives, evaluating each to ensure alignment with established business rules and approving all initiatives (like free maintenance, extended warranties, refund of payments, service coupons) prior to distribution.

    • Within one month of transitioning the business to Morley, our team improved the production interval from a 6-day backlog to same-day processing. We also reduced the overall goodwill payouts by 10%.

    Customer Support Services

    Customer Assistance Center

    Who we help: Vehicle owners in the U.S.

    Agents answer customer questions, field complaints, assist with recalls and act as the dealership liaison for the full life cycle of all makes and models, in and out of warranty.

    • CAC agents use various client applications to get a 360-degree view of a customer’s history with the manufacturer to offer the best possible customer focus and help the client achieve its customer retention objectives.
    Electronic Vehicle Advisor Group

    Who we help: Electronic vehicle owners in the U.S.

    A Vehicle Advisor proactively contacts each customer upon the purchase of an electronic vehicle to confirm the order and key dates. After the customer receives the vehicle, the VA periodically follows up throughout the vehicle’s full life cycle to ensure the customer’s continued enjoyment.

    • Consumer Reports awarded the OEM brand “Top-Scoring Model” for two straight years, in part as a result of Morley’s Vehicle Advisor Team.
    • Recognized globally with our client’s award for outstanding efforts in enhancing the customer experience.
    Customer Action Team

    Who we help: Vehicle owners and dealerships in the U.S.

    Agents at this inbound/outbound center proactively identify and assist vehicle owners who are “at risk” of defecting to another brand.

    • This is the first team of its kind for our client, and the proactive care that agents provide helps this manufacturer retain customers who might otherwise be lost.
    • We have achieved 90% satisfaction for this program.
    Roadside Services Program

    Who we help: Vehicle owners in the U.S. and Canada

    Agents help stranded vehicle owners when they experience flat tires, empty fuel tanks, or require jumpstarts or towing services.

    • Launched one of the world’s largest engagement centers in record time.

    Who we help: Prospective customers and dealerships (who receive referrals) in the U.S.

    Agents provide assistance for all pre-sale customer service issues via our client’s corporate website and each of its brand sites.

    • Able to track vehicle purchases that result from referrals and direct engagements.
    • Recognized globally with our client’s award for outstanding engagement/customer service.
    Social Media Management

    Who we help: Vehicle owners and prospective customers in the U.S.

    Agents manage social media engagement on applicable forums, blogs, Twitter and Facebook for all corporate and brand-related posts. We search for tweets and posts mentioning the company, and respond on behalf of the company for customer service questions.

    • Morley launched one of the first-of-its-kind social media centers, later recognized for outstanding customer service and responsiveness by several independent evaluators.
    • We helped our client earn an industry Voice of the Customer award: “Best in Class” for the Creative Customer Response Category, Emerging Customer Response Channels.
    Owner Loyalty Program

    Who we help: Vehicle owners in the U.S.

    Morley managed the member database, processed enrollments, produced a custom website to complement the client’s current marketing initiatives, distributed PGA assets such as tickets, pro-am spots and access to exclusive merchandise programs, and provided reporting to the client.

    • Represented the PGA’s largest sponsoring corporate entity.

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