Reacquired Vehicle Management
  • In the lemon law world, happiness means...

    • Quick resolutions
    • Tight process controls
    • The fulfillment of obligations that are delivered as promised
    • Taking what could be an unpleasant, complex situation and making the best of it

    Our vehicle buyback process is designed to spread happiness not just to the retail consumer, but to everyone who comes into contact with a case – OEM representatives, dealership personnel, state and federal regulators, attorneys...

    Each stakeholder cares about his or her specific piece of the process, and we do our job to minimize wait times, errors and confusion so that at the end of the deal, everyone has had a positive experience.

    It’s hard to believe that reacquired vehicle processing could make people happy. But it does. See what people have to say after working with Morley.

  • Dealership Personnel

    "My experiences with Morley have always been pleasant and prompt. I knew that as soon as we got you the information you needed, it would move quickly from that point on."

    – Al, Dealership Salesperson


    Dealership Personnel

    "It's always nice to encounter someone who is willing to go above and beyond as opposed to 'not my job.'"

    – Geoff, Dealership Salesperson


    Automotive OEMs

    "Thanks for everything... but most importantly for helping me to keep another satisfied customer. Simply put, you're awesome. Thanks again, my friend."

    – Rob, OEM Customer Activities Manager


    Automotive OEMs

    "You have helped me so many times I have lost count. You display a vast knowledge and a huge amount of patience in explaining some of the more complex aspects of these transactions. You consistently go above and beyond in extending your time and experience to these issues."

    – Chuck, OEM District Manager, Aftersales


    Retail Consumers

    "You are the kind of person that helps [the car manufacturer] keep customers. I greatly appreciate how fast you moved things along for me. Everything went well at the dealership and I’m happy with the outcome."

    – Bryan


    Retail Consumers

    "From the moment we spoke to you up until being able to go to the dealership today and sign our repurchase paperwork … All this in less than two weeks! What more could we have asked for?"

    – Carla


    Retail Consumers

    "You made what was a very bad, uncomfortable situation so easy to work through. You kept me informed along the way, were easy to reach and always pleasant."

    – Lance