Reacquired Vehicle Management
  • What could you be saving?

    Every day that a repurchased vehicle sits in your inventory, it costs you money.

    Get an instant idea of the amount you could be saving by working with Morley. Provide your estimates below to generate a snapshot of your savings potential with Morley's 60-day disposition guarantee.

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    Average vehicle cost at repurchase1 (e.g., $30,000)
    Estimated interest rate2 (e.g., 8.5%)
    Your estimated disposition days3 (e.g., 90)
    Your total vehicles repurchased annually (e.g., 1,000)

    Your Potential Savings

    Estimated vehicle finance cost savings with 60-day disposition

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    What ELSE could you be saving?

    Interest expense is only one of the costs that you incur each day that a reacquired vehicle sits in inventory. Reclaiming sales tax, reducing scrap and avoiding fines are other ways that we have helped our clients save millions of dollars.

    To find out how you can have a vehicle buyback process that is fast, easy and promotes happy outcomes, contact us today.

    1According to,, the average purchase price of a vehicle sold in North America (as of August 2013) is $31,252. We've used $30,000 as an example of what the reacquired vehicle buyback price might be. Please enter the amount that is closest to your actual repurchase cost.

    2Please enter an interest rate that you think closely approximates your cost of capital when you repurchase vehicles under the lemon law. We have used 8.5% as an approximation that is consistent with automobile industry financing costs.

    3Estimated disposition days is defined as the number of days starting with the day a vehicle is reacquired from the consumer and ending with the day the vehicle is released for final disposition (e.g., auction or scrap).