Reacquired Vehicle Management
  • How can thousands of process steps, hundreds of documents and 50 state regulators - all with different lemon law guidelines - be part of anything that’s considered easy?

    That’s the question that we asked ourselves back in 2001 when we entered the reacquired vehicle management (RVM), business.

    Our answer was to observe what life was like for our clients and then imagine what life could be like for them if we were free to re-engineer the entire process … and that’s exactly what we did.

    We ended up …

    • Taking everything paper and making it digital
    • Identifying processes that are loose and making them tight
    • Digitizing process queues so that they could be monitored and managed

    The result is a system where OEM clients can enter vehicles into our system from their desktops and then watch as they reappear … fully functional, fully compliant and ready for auction on the back end.

    We think that’s EASY.

    Back then, 100-day disposition was considered good. Today, hundreds of innovations later, 60-day fully compliant disposition is the slowest that we are willing to accept.

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