• Small Meetings

    Getting a handle on small meeting management has always been difficult. In most cases, costs are a driving factor, but quality cannot be ignored. We have wrestled with this concept for years and designed a process that resolves this by standardizing key issues such as the registration process, hotel selection and client branding, while at the same time fully using information technology to drive down costs.

    Simple Process

    MI small metings simple processSmall meetings should not take over your workday. The best way to ensure that this does not happen is to keep the process simple. We work with you to understand your program requirements and then assemble the best air, hotel and other on-site options for your review. We also use established guidelines from your company for contracting, billing, and branding collateral and websites. The process is standardized as much as possible to maintain accuracy and efficiency.

    Unique Needs

    We recognize that your meeting is unique. While standardization is great for simplicity and cost savings, it should never get in the way of the excitement and enthusiasm that make your event special for your participants.

    Meeting Management

    Great process management eliminates errors, saves money and improves customer service. Extensive use of both technology and a personal touch ensures that every detail of every program is accounted for in a systematic process. Overseeing this exacting science is a dedicated Morley Program Manager who is with you at every step in the process, directing our internal resources and managing third-party vendors. From initial conceptual discussions and preparing the budget, to managing the program and delivering the final invoice, your Morley Program Manager is there for you, 24/7, following your directions as a key member of your team.


    Supporting your Program Manager is a suite of the finest online registration, event management and list management tools available in the industry. Together, these resources put every detail of your program at your fingertips.