• Meeting Production

    Meeting production includes live communications events that the experienced Morley production staff execute on location. Whether it is a modest show with limited production support or a grand event with hundreds of Morley production personnel, the style of service and dedication to meeting client objectives remains the same.

    Program Design

    MI production program designWhether the production consists of business meetings and/or an entertaining evening event, the program design considers every means to touch participants so that their takeaway is substantial and memorable. Our producers work with clients to establish the degree of theming, program content, presentation development and graphics that come together to add “sizzle.”

    We create logos and themes to clearly set the tone for the program. Whether the intent is to establish a sense of immediacy and speed or to exude elegance and style, the program design creates an opportunity for clients to best relate to their attendees, whether they are dealers, agents, employees, customers, distributors, brokers or anyone else considered an event stakeholder. Executive speechwriting and copywriting is a result of deep discovery of the client’s communication objectives.

    Once the logo, thematics and humanics are established, these elements are choreographed into the final production ... from the actual business presentations to product reveals to entertainment to theatrics. Printed graphics and communications coupled with digital applications and hard sets all serve to communicate, engage and provide an event designed to achieve client objectives.

    Whether the event takes place under the stars, under a tent or in a ballroom, the event’s program design is important in accomplishing the client’s desire to engage the audience.

    Executive speech coaching, podium signage, presenter attire, beverage selections, presentation segues, background music, participant seating and room entrances/exits are included in the hundreds, and oftentimes thousands, of seemingly endless checklist and Gantt chart-based details handled by our advance and on-site team members.

    Creative Development – Staging, Lighting & Sound

    MI production creative developmentEverything that goes into the creation of a business theater event starts with the careful planning of the sizzle. From stage set design, lighting and sound, to developing appropriate special effects, event-specific logos and theming, to creating presentations and graphics – everything is choreographed from a holistic perspective, integrating every aspect into a cohesive, memorable experience.

    Morley production professionals have years of experience in all facets of the sizzle. This experience is incorporated into every program and has assured clients over the years that a Morley-produced program provides a total solution.

    “Sizzle sells” is not just a quip. It is a reality that inspires us to go beyond offering services and concepts that leave attendees with the feeling of been there/done that. It is about putting all the pieces of the puzzle together to form the program picture in a variety of creative ways. Your budget and the return that your firm gets for its investment are extremely important. This is why we strive to provide an unforgettable experience.

    Stage set designs run the gamut from standard screen surrounds in breakout rooms to full Broadway-style staging that incorporates intelligent lighting, sound, screens, turntables, overhead staging and audience engagement theatrics. We provide every type of staging, which can be custom designed to create outstanding experiential environments. Custom stage sets or rentals from our extensive inventory or any combination thereof are strategically used to communicate the program’s look and feel.

    Theatrical lighting is used on and off the stage to highlight and direct attendees’ attention to specific focal areas.

    It has to look good AND sound good, so the audio designed to support the graphics and the staging is especially instrumental. Acoustic considerations are very important to ensure that participants can hear the presenters on stage.

    Event Production

    MI production event productionYou can’t have sizzle without the steak. In a business theater program, the creative is only as good as the substance of the content and its successful execution. The logistics for staging a program that is intended to truly engage an audience is all about choreographing the experience.

    We focus on business theater design that brings client messages to life with professionalism and a dedication to delivering content in ways that are entertaining and bulletproof!

    Program logistics are all about making sure that the steak supports the sizzle, for the steak is the major player in the entire event experience.

    Every technical aspect is designed, engineered and reviewed from an infrastructure perspective so that stages are installed correctly; sight lines and obstructions are considered; teleprompters and floor monitors are strategically positioned; projection equipment is calibrated; all lighting, video and sound are flawless; and every technical factor is accommodated and backed up with redundant systems.

    During event execution, the Morley Executive Producer and Producers work as a team to ensure that the program is executed flawlessly in order to meet program objectives and exceed client expectations.

    Special Applications

    MI production special applicationsWhen clients want to dial it up a notch, the boundaries of program content can be expanded to include activities designed to spice up a program with creative, one-off event experiences.

    The following can also enhance an event when you seek something unique:

    • Business experts
    • Sports figures
    • Musicians
    • Specialty entertainment
    • Actors/actresses
    • Celebrity entertainment
    • Pyrotechnics
    • New product reveals
    • Concept or production vehicle or equipment reveals
    • Vehicle turntables
    • Specialty water features
    • Satellite production and communications
    • Internet, television or live person simulcasts
    • Technical engineering for structural or load-bearing considerations
    Tools of the Trade

    mi production toolsDelivering great customer service and handling highly complex logistical challenges is often the result of passionate process management. At Morley, we leave nothing to chance. We have carefully studied, diagramed and translated each stage of the business theater process into flow charts, Gantt charts and procedural checklists. This allows us to produce the best possible customer experience for both you and the people that you are informing, motivating or rewarding.

    Our meeting productions team pays extreme attention to the details necessary to accomplish a wide range of projects and opportunities. The production tools and methodologies described below are but a glimpse of the types of resources and support that are dedicated to every project.

    Gantt Chart

    All production and program-related elements are entered and continually updated on a program’s Gantt chart. In addition to capturing and tracking all project details, this system maintains an up-to-the-minute view of each task’s completion status and related allocation of resources. This production tool is available to clients and their key associates throughout the duration of any given project.

    Production Schedule

    The production schedule offers a higher level view of important milestones and requirements in the various production processes. The format pays particular attention to client meetings and necessary approval dates for specific production deliverables.


    We have 2D and 3D drawing and rendering capabilities, providing accurate depictions of stage designs, theme elements, and specialty applications such as vehicle signs, product fairs and exhibits.

    Fire Marshal & Other Permits

    Safety is paramount throughout all phases of activities. Highly detailed technical drawings are created well in advance to allow ample time for review and all necessary approvals and permits.

    Show Flow

    Our show flow creation process is essentially a living document that evolves until show time. This compilation of program-critical information reflects the activity scheduled to take place on the stage or other presentation space and includes emcee and guest speaker details, presenter order, speaker support elements, entertainment, reveals and special effects, audience participation segments, etc.

    Installation & Dismantle

    Our team coordinates and directly supervises installation and dismantle services. These production areas are carefully orchestrated to ensure cost-effective technical load-in and load-out procedures and staffing.

    Production Team

    Our talented senior managers are the best in the business and direct the entire process as an integral part of the business meeting, event or production, leading a group of Executive Producers, Producers, technicians and production staff to manage any type of business theater program. We take total ownership of your customer experience and strive to lead our team with a can-do attitude.

    The Executive Producers are on-site executives whose role is to manage the entire production group to successfully operate the program and to support our account manager serving as a key client interface for any needs that may arise. These individuals are seasoned veterans who have spent years in the actual production of programs before being elevated to executive producer status.

    Producers work directly with the team as the in-the-trenches managers to orchestrate the program and ensure that it comes off without a hitch, making sure that every base is covered during the operation of the meeting or event. They work closely with the Executive Producers and the technicians to successfully produce the ultimate deliverables. Producers work for years as assistants to develop their body of knowledge to handle any client requirement.

    Production Support Team

    MI production production supportOur on-site and off-site support groups include a talented blend of carefully selected and highly skilled production professionals in a variety of specific disciplines.

    The production support team consists of all individuals charged with successfully operating a program and whose talents run the gamut:

    • Line producers
    • Video producers
    • Video directors
    • Master electricians
    • In-house program coordinators
    • Graphics specialists
    • Artists
    • Writers
    • Choreographers
    • Stage managers
    • Audio engineers
    • Lighting designers and directors
    • Video editors
    • Videographers/photographers
    • Teleprompter operators
    • Engineers
    • Riggers
    • Stagehands
    • Audio response specialists
    • Lecture capture technicians
    • Webcast and videoconference specialists
    • Special effects engineers and technicians
    • Safety coordinators

    All of these people come together to produce client meetings and events for our Fortune 500 clients.

  • Multimedia Support

    We provide a portfolio of products and services to support a full spectrum of multimedia needs that may or may not include formal, on-location production.

    MI production multimedia supportDepending on client needs, we can provide:

    • Outsourced business presentation development
    • Executive speechwriting
    • Authoring and full post-production of video footage
    • Photographic and video location footage
    • Projection and computer equipment rentals
    • Program support materials
    • Custom podium construction and rentals
    • Stage construction and rentals
    • Contracted business theater meeting and show support services

    In today’s competitive environment – where budgets are often challenging – the focus can be on renting equipment or purchasing services on an a la carte basis to use in one-off situations. This is a solid solution if you are seeking to maximize your resources with minimal investment.

    A simple phone call or email puts you in touch with a producer or technical coordinator who can walk you through the solution-creation process. These a la carte products and services provide the ultimate in flexibility with the ease of a simple communiqué to manage the entire process.

  • Financial

    Comprehensive budget preparation begins with the initial response to your request or following an initial input meeting with you for your program, event or business theater-related project.

    We use our custom Change Request Form to capture the additions and deletions of products and services relative to your overall production budget. A systematic step in the budget area of the production process, this information helps maintain strict control of the sanctioned production budget by requiring advance and on-site client approval and signed authorization of any budget variances.

    In addition, we aggressively maintain an extensive network of tested and proven suppliers to support all areas of business theater operations.

    Any Morley-produced program is audited internally to ensure that all aspects of the program are accounted for to your satisfaction and budget agreements. The initial budget is reconciled with actual expenses, and (if applicable) the Change Request Form prices are included in the final invoice. We make every attempt to exceed your expectations in the areas of operations and fiscal responsibility, and we are known for always delivering on budget.