• Sales Incentive

    MI employee salesShort-term tactical incentives are very effective in driving results and gaining incremental sales. We work with you to develop the optimum structure to engage your employees, dealers, distributors or brokers and hit your target.

    • Hit-and-win objective programs: Participants compete against themselves and their past performance. Set an objective for each participant or group based on their history and your short-term targets. By setting aggressive yet fair targets and the proper program duration, everyone races to the finish line for their rewards.
    • Competitive grouping programs: Engage your participants’ competitive spirit and let them compete with each other for rewards. Groups are structured with participants of like size or performance level, so competition is fair and all stay engaged throughout.
    • Goal self-selection/stretch objective programs: The ultimate risk-reward program. Let each participant select a target. Given three targets of increasing aggressiveness, with exponentially greater rewards at each level, participants generally elect for the top level and take on the risk in order to reap the greatest rewards. This is the most engaging program structure in that it requires the participant to analyze risk and ask, “How far can I stretch to earn this reward?”
  • Employee Recognition

    MI employee recognitionReinforce your core values and reward desired behaviors. Symbolic rewards and recognition are a powerful way of saying “job well done.”

    Peer to Peer

    We all crave validation and recognition, especially from those we work with the closest. Peer recognition programs promote a positive atmosphere in your work environment and foster teamwork and collaboration. When you tie your peer-to-peer recognition program to your company culture and values, it can also help increase employee engagement and retention.

    Manager to Peer

    Employee recognition programs should be engaging and motivating, but they should also help you reach your company objectives. Whether your goals are culture oriented or sales focused, a manager-to-peer recognition program can give you measurable data that shows how you’re moving the needle. Programs could revolve around attendance, customer service, safety, training, referrals and more.

    Employee Suggestion Programs

    Rather than a top-down strategic direction, often the best ideas come from the bottom up. People who do the job every day have tried-and-true methods. Given the proper rewards and motivation, many are willing to share their knowledge for the greater good. Use this type of program to increase operational efficiency, identify best practices and freshen up stale training processes.

    Quality Assurance Programs

    Process-oriented metrics measure manufacturing, process compliance or service quality, and awards motivate team members at all levels to refine processes, reduce scrap, eliminate waste, strengthen compliance and drive quality.

  • Employee-Based Training

    MI employee trainingWe deliver training initiatives that serve as the impetus for producing performance improvement programs. The opportunity to create end-to-end solutions involving training in a performance improvement setting can provide you with the means to train participants in the program and then reward them for the desired performance.

    We use the services of our internal IT, Interactive, Research and Creative groups and on-staff Ph.D.s to design training programs that educate, engage, motivate and reward those individuals who fulfill your performance expectations.

    These programs employ testing in print and online formats to determine participant performance. The responses provided in the testing situations are then measured to ascertain the need for additional training, the accuracy of the testing devices and the overall progress of the information sharing.

    We can then provide awards on a continuing basis throughout the program for successful test-taking or can accumulate the test results into a composite score at the end of the program for either individual-focused or group-focused rewards.

    Whether the program is designed for automotive dealership service technicians, financial services agents, brokers, pharmaceutical sales reps, safety stewards in a manufacturing facility, insurance adjusters in the field or front-line customer service reps in your contact centers, we have the ability to design and implement training initiatives that successfully communicate the desired information, test for retained knowledge and reward for achievement of program objectives.