• Individual Travel Incentives

    Recognition and reward are the cornerstones of incentive travel, and our team has designed incentive travel offerings to support these important objectives. While group events are terrific at accomplishing these goals, occasionally companies like to offer a chance for award winners to travel individually with their friends and family for a unique adventure more suited to an individual incentive.

    Lifestyle Travel

    MI individual incentives life style cityEven the most close-knit enterprise is composed of people with diverse interests. Some people like tennis while others like golf; some are single while others have families; some are just starting their careers while others are well seasoned. As a result, each person has his or her own vision of the perfect travel excursion.

    With lifestyle travel, you can design an incentive that truly motivates people to accomplish enterprise goals by offering their favorite rewards. Because of the great flexibility of this type of reward, you can motivate people at all levels of professional accomplishment using either limited or generous budgets.

    • Golf: Some of the finest golf courses imaginable have been designed as part of resort communities dedicated to pampering golf enthusiasts. With special instructional schools, the finest equipment such as high-tech golf carts with GPS and distance-to-the-pin technology, and even special therapeutic golfer massages, chasing the little white ball has never been so much fun.
    • Beach: If it’s palm trees, tall drinks and the sound of the surf that you desire, then say no more. The list is endless. “Fun in the sun” is an industry unto itself, and each year it produces new offerings of remarkable indulgence. The beach life can be remote and exotic on a small Caribbean island, or it can be chic and cosmopolitan like the atmosphere of Florida’s South Beach. It’s never been so easy to relax.
    • City: Is it the lure of Broadway, the cable cars of San Francisco or the non-stop excitement of Las Vegas? How about dining on gourmet cuisine and shopping until your credit cards beg for mercy? There is something special that draws people to the city and excites them in a way that few other things can.
    • MI individual incentives life style familyFamily: Picking a travel destination to thrill your entire family is a great experience. We all have memories of our favorite family vacation. “Was it Orlando, San Diego or the dude ranch where we had such a great time together? Oh ... I remember now! We went skiing in the mountains during the holidays.” Traveling to a special family destination is among the most popular uses of lifestyle travel, and it’s easy to see why.
    • Private Air Travel: Few things carry the luxurious impact of private air transportation. Imagine the motivational power of offering round-trip, private air transportation to your colleagues, dealers or distributors. Even the best traveled among us truly enjoy the private air experience. In fact, it is often the most experienced travelers who are the hardest to impress and whose attention is often most important to capture. Private air transportation provides the WOW factor of a great incentive.
    • Private Villas: Have your colleagues already seen the great hotels of Asia and the salons of Europe? What about the islands of the South Pacific and the pink sands of Bermuda? Well, then, maybe it’s time to introduce them to the elegance of staying in a private villa, where they can dine on meals prepared by their personal chef, venture into town to enjoy the local culture, and retire to the privacy and seclusion of their estate. Ah ... la dolce vita!