• Hotel

    Site Selection

    MI meeting planning hotelTo find the perfect venue, we collect your event demographics and incorporate them into the venue search process. By reviewing the number of participants, the event agenda, geographic requirements and financial considerations, we are able to produce an Availability Report that details the hotels able to support your program. You can then see the full range of locations available for your program in a comprehensive, easy-to-read document that we continue to update until a location is selected.

    See how we can help you make the right match at the right price.

    Negotiations & Contracting

    Once a client selects a location, our team goes into action to negotiate the final hotel contract. Fifty years of experience and a client base that represents the world’s largest enterprises have provided us with a tremendous range of expertise in negotiating with vendors on behalf of our clients.

    Each vendor contract is characterized by a series of guarantees and due dates related to each element of your program. The number of sleeping room nights, food and beverage guarantees, and the cutoff dates for each are the most common examples. Once contracts are finalized, we enter all due dates and other critical information into our group travel management system and keep track of these important contractual obligations. This process greatly reduces the chance of incurring attrition fees or missing guarantee levels.

  • Ground

    Morley Network

    We have developed a network of ground transportation suppliers to competitively bid the ground transportation services for our clients’ programs. Our rigorous quality standards combined with network pricing results in excellent service at competitive rates.

    Similar to working with hotels, ground reservations must be systematically managed to ensure that contractual obligations are met. We accomplish this by using our group travel management system and communicating with these program partners prior to the arrival of your participants.

    Air Coordination

    Issuing air travel tickets in conjunction with a program enables us to use our air arrival and departure lists to schedule arriving and departing vehicle requirements. Having this information allows us to keep ground transportation costs down while simultaneously increasing participant satisfaction by reducing wait times.

  • Air

    Air Travel Policy

    MI meeting planning airOne of the critical steps in managing a group travel movement is establishing an air travel policy for the program. This often involves following a complex set of rules while providing gracious and hospitable customer service.

    We know that our clients have their own enterprise-wide air travel policies and special relationships with airlines that we need to follow. We also understand that each program has its own unique set of requirements, such as mandatory arrival and departure times. Finally, we understand that program participants need to receive appropriate air travel itineraries from friendly and efficient reservationists.

    To accommodate all of these mandates, we established an air travel system that allows each program to set its own air travel parameters for booking tickets within the larger rules set by its parent organization. The result is a program-specific air travel policy that our air travel reservationists follow with incredible accuracy.

    Cost Control

    Once the program air travel policy is established, the next step is executing the details of the program’s flight restrictions, such as arrival and departure times, class of service, direct versus connecting flights and total individual ticket cost parameters.

    This information is logged into our proprietary computer information systems, enabling our reservationists to know the specific air travel policy for each individual program.

    When a participant requests an air ticket that does not comply with your established air travel policy, the Morley Program Manager contacts you or your designated colleague with a deviation form. This process enables you to stop cost overruns before they occur. It also provides you with the opportunity to assist a program participant by approving an expensive ticket that enables the participant to accomplish other work-related activities such as leaving the program early to attend another important meeting or visiting a client.

    Finally, we employ state-of-the-art electronic airfare monitoring systems that constantly check for airfare changes. This same system also continuously checks for traveler preference items such as aisle or window seating and alerts the reservationists when an upgrade has occurred or is possible.

  • Registration

    Online Registration

    MI planning onlineFor each program, we offer an online registration website that provides program-related information and supports all participant enrollment needs.

    This system is fully integrated into our back-office travel management system. Therefore, clients have easy access to real-time, online reporting, including:

    • RSVP Report
    • Participant Report
    • Hotel Rooming List
    • Activity/Tour Summary Report
    • Activity/Tour Detail Report
    • Arrival and Departure Reports

    Our clients appreciate the ability to include custom fields to their registration sites, create customized reporting and serve multiple attendee types.

    See how we can make online registration easy for you.

    Download Easy Online Registration PDF

    Event Apps

    MI planning eventMobile event apps are becoming integral to engaging attendees – before, during and after your meeting takes place. They eliminate the need for paper communications, easily ensure that everyone has up-to-the-minute access to the latest information, and help attendees network, leave feedback and keep on top of their agendas. We can assist you in creating an app that will boost attendees’ interaction with your brand, helping you strengthen your connections and reinforce key messages.

    Need an app for your next meeting? Here are five things to keep in mind.

    Download 5 Insights on Making Your Event Mobile PDF

    Program HQ

    Program Headquarters is designed to provide a customer experience dedicated to making the journey for your participants as effortless as possible. Here, our associates become an extension of your team and convey a welcoming atmosphere during every interaction with your guests, answering questions about your program, assisting with registration and accommodating special requests.

    The objective of Program HQ is to become a single resource that completely supports your program from both behind the scenes and center stage. Behind the scenes, Program HQ provides back-office administration such as final document collation and mailing. Center stage is reserved for responding to telephone calls and emails from participants requesting program-specific information or travel logistics assistance, such as changing a flight or hotel room reservation.

    Dedicated Resources

    MI planning dedicatedEach program is assigned a stand-alone toll-free telephone number, Program HQ email address and, most importantly, an administrative team leader who supports the program from start to finish. Together with your dedicated Morley Program Coordinator, your Program HQ team completes all administrative work related to your program.

    It’s easy to see that the Program HQ person responding to participant calls or emails knows your program well and is capable of answering any questions or making changes. When a request is made that falls outside of the scope of Program HQ, the team is trained to communicate the participant’s request to you and wait for your response.

    By combining these resources, we can offer your participants higher quality assistance via the easiest and quickest possible delivery tools. In so doing, our associates can answer “yes” when a participant asks for information or requires help with a travel change. As our team likes to say, “One call truly does it all.”

    Information Technology

    Supporting Program HQ is a proprietary information technology system that enables our team to change a participant’s registration information such as a seminar selection or a spa appointment. Similarly, we can adjust any travel reservation that we manage, such as a hotel room, ground transportation or an air reservation.

    This is all made possible by the great work of our information technology team. Our IT team has linked our online registration system, our group travel management system and our air reservation system into a single user-friendly database for our associates. As a result, our administrators have access to information and reservations for every program on a single system.

  • On Site

    Trip Directors
    Great Service

    Service is what truly separates Morley from its competitors. Nowhere is this more apparent than during the on-site experience, where our Trip Directors ensure that every program participant receives excellent care. We have earned our reputation for extraordinary service thanks to our great people and the great tools they use to produce flawlessly executed programs.

    Great People

    The Trip Director position requires a unique blend of operational expertise and the ability to deliver the friendliest of customer care. We develop this specialized skill set by training our associates, providing them with special tools and empowering them with the authority to satisfy customer requests. The final result is a team of well-informed professionals who are dressed in appropriate attire and are eager to serve your guests.

    Managing a group travel event requires exhaustive pre-event planning followed by meticulous on-site execution. To ensure a flawless event, it is imperative that the planning team and the on-site operational team are completely in sync regarding all program details, logistics and processes. It is our policy that the Morley Program Coordinator who planned your event attends the program as the Lead Trip Director and oversees on-site operations. Having this person lead the on-site team provides continuity between the planning team and the execution team and helps promote the best possible results.

    Great Tools

    MI meeting planning great toolsOur 221-page Trip Director training manual provides our staff with the details they need to perform their jobs flawlessly. The manual addresses specialized training such as VIP handling; ground transportation; airport procedures; hotel room block management; food and beverage events; golf, spa and recreational activities; meeting and breakout room management; hospitality desk operations; and of course, emergency procedures.

    Since the early 1960s, we have collected best practices in an effort to continually improve our processes and provide our clients with exceptional service on location. These processes have been translated into operational checklists that are used to support all on-site activities. From meetings with vendors prior to participant arrival to final billing, our processes and procedures support our on-site Trip Directors.

    Thoughtful data management during program planning is critical to successful on-site execution. To get the most from data management, Morley Trip Directors are carefully trained to use our proprietary group travel management system and its operational reports. Arrival and departure times, activities selection and breakout sessions are great examples of things that change on location after a program begins. Keeping up with changes requires operational proficiency with the computer systems that support the program.

    We believe that our extremely well-trained, professional Trip Directors, in combination with our exceptional systems, make using our services to manage the on-site portion of your travel program a tremendous value.

    Vendor Management

    Our vendor management system is based on managing all contractual obligations to accurately purchase goods and services while cultivating a team approach with the vendor to serve you, our mutual client. We use our proprietary group travel management system to facilitate this process and produce an exceptional client experience while keeping a close eye on program costs.

    Prior to the arrival of program participants, we arrange meetings with each local supplier. We use this opportunity to confirm program details, verify any recent changes, and establish a chain of command and control for the duration of the program.

    The details of on-site hotel coordination include management of sleeping rooms, meeting rooms, activities, and food and beverage. We have special procedures, documentation and training to accommodate these requirements.

  • Financial


    MI meeting planning financialFew things have a greater impact on a group travel program than managing the program budget. We understand the pressure that each client faces to create a memorable event experience and produce the program on or below budget.

    To help guide this process, we work with our clients to establish estimated budgets early in the process and help our clients decide among the many options available for their programs. We assemble air and land estimates based on the program agenda, facility choice and air transportation availability and then continuously update those estimates as the program evolves.

    Negotiated Savings

    Demonstrating fiscal responsibility is a long-held tradition at Morley, and we understand how important this is to our clients. To help demonstrate our commitment to spending money wisely, we record initial prices and terms offered by third-party vendors and track the results of program negotiations. A Negotiated Savings Report is then presented to each client, providing a record of program savings resulting from negotiations.

    Audit Reconciliation & Billing

    We audit all services received during the program to verify that our clients are receiving the goods and services for which they contracted. This can include the quality and quantity of food, the number of rented golf clubs and consumption-based expenditures such as the number of bottles of wine consumed.

    We also reconcile all vendor bills presented during and after the program prior to approving vendor payments. Once billing has been reconciled and approved by the client, we pay vendor bills directly and present the final billing to the client based on program specifications and with appropriate backup documentation. We believe that a final bill representing program specifications, at or below budget, is an opportunity to demonstrate our sincere commitment to our clients.

  • Detail

    Process Management

    MI meeting planning detailWe leave nothing to chance. We have carefully studied, diagramed and translated each stage of the group travel process into flow charts, Gantt charts and procedural checklists. As we learn how each new client prefers to work, we customize each procedure to meet the exacting needs of the client. The result: programs that capitalize on our best practices and fully comply with client preferences.

    Dedicated Program Manager

    Overseeing this exacting science is a dedicated Morley Program Manager who is with you at every step in the process, directing our internal resources and managing third-party vendors. From discussing initial concepts and preparing the budget, to managing the program and delivering the final invoice, this Program Manager is there for you, 24/7, following your directions as a key member of your team.

    Innovative Technology

    Your Program Manager leverages our proprietary technology to put every detail of your program at your fingertips. We offer a suite of the finest online registration, event management and list management tools in the industry, enabling you to make informed decisions and take advantage of every opportunity to reduce costs.

    Financial Accountability

    For every program we produce, you receive an estimated budget, detailed land/air analysis and a negotiated savings document showing the results of our third-party negotiations. On-site auditing, vendor bill paying and final invoice with complete backup guarantee that we protect your investment before, during and after the program.