• Award Fulfillment

    MI award fulfillmentThe key to award fulfillment in a performance improvement program is to provide the opportunity for participants to perform for awards that fulfill their needs, wants or desires. We all strive to do better in our jobs, but in creating a program to reward performance, organizations seek to improve current performance with desired performance.

    What often matters most to participants is what they can get for the effort they put into the program. Whether it is sales performance, customer satisfaction, cost-cutting recommendations, safety records or any other desired performance, the individuals competing are seeking reward and recognition.

    We have been engaged in performance improvement programs for over 50 years. In that time frame, we have seen every type of program designed to improve performance. Without a doubt, the rewards guide performance – if the rewards are something participants view to be of value to themselves or to their organization, whether they are employees, dealers or distributors.

    Throughout the past five decades, we have provided premium merchandise, gourmet foods, clothing, individual and group travel, and cash or debit cards as awards that generate desired results.

    Nothing Beats Travel

    MI award travelWe have provided both individual and group travel rewards for decades. From individual-, adventure- or family-focused travel rewards to massive group travel programs, we have been a leader in offering the finest travel options available.

    Depending on the program needs, we can offer individual winners the opportunity to select from several travel options that are limited only by the participant’s imagination. Safaris in Africa, fishing in New Zealand, hot laps in race cars in Arizona, hunting trips to Alaska, family vacations to Disney and more are all within our concierge travel offering.

    The world is at one’s fingertips when offering group travel destinations as well. Whether it’s a full cruise charter of the Mediterranean, a dealer program in Rome or Maui, an agent’s reward program in Las Vegas or Orlando, an intimate group retreat in the Smoky Mountains, a sales leaders trip to Tokyo or a recognition event in Rio de Janeiro, there is no venue type or continent that has not been field tested by our professional Meetings & Incentives staff.

    We have done it all in an effort to help clients impress their award recipients ... from providing private jet transportation for a totally flexible individual travel award to buying out the Orient Express to take winners from Paris to Venice in what proved to be the ultimate reward experience for performance improvement program winners.

    The Trophy Value of Merchandise

    mi award merchandiseMerchandise rewards provide performance improvement programs with the ability to offer solutions that range from smaller dollar value, large quantity awards up to one-of-a-kind or unique premium merchandise that is sure to please even the most discriminating winner’s tastes.

    From the proverbial free toaster or blender with sign-up rewards, to in-home media rooms complete with 70" LED monitors and theater-like sound systems, to stocked and climate-controlled wine cellars ... any award is easily accommodated with our wide-ranging merchandise offerings.

    Our incentive group maintains relationships with the leading premium-brand merchandise providers in the world. No matter what type of merchandise is sought, we have both the experience and the relationships in place to make it happen.

    From elegant Swiss watches and custom-designed jewelry to exquisite, premium foods and wines or the finest in men’s and women’s business attire, program winners benefit from a wide array of options to best fit their lifestyles.

    While we have sourced thousands of home appliances and personal care items for clients’ award winners, we have also procured awards costing tens of thousands of dollars for those achieving exceptional performance in over-the-top rewards programs.

    The lasting reminder that a premium-brand merchandise award provides to participants is: “When I perform, I am rewarded.” The ongoing evidence of recognition continues to be a very compelling reason that merchandise awards have maintained such popularity and appeal ... and results.