• Museums

    ED exhibits museumThe permanence of museum exhibits requires materials that can withstand years of use (and sometimes, abuse!). Components used in museum exhibits are often chosen for their durability to ensure their longevity.

    Today, materials used in museum exhibits must meet all governmental codes while still giving viewers the excitement of engaging with the finished product.

    From conceptual renderings created to visualize the intent of the exhibitry, to shop drawings of the exhibit, every step of the design phase is monitored to ensure that all relevant factors including structural loads, fire and safety codes, ADA considerations and interactivity are considered.

    At the build stage, the materials are inspected for quality and every production detail is meticulously followed to ensure that the finished product meets with your total satisfaction.

    In a technology-rich world, the need for interactive communications in museum displays and exhibits provides an opportunity for exhibitors to engage visitors in endless ways. Interactive solutions involving audio/visual and multimedia products and services are unlimited. Morley producers and technicians design in an imaginative, creative and innovative manner to most effectively connect with museum visitors utilizing visual, auditory and touch-sensitive applications.