• Mobile Marketing Experiences

    ED mobileAs you consider engaging in marketing efforts targeted toward specific customers or where there is a need to include sizable numbers of customer contacts, road shows are extremely effective.

    We have produced mobile exhibit solutions from traveling trailers incorporating portable classrooms to comprehensive moving exhibits transported across multiple countries. These applications have run the gamut from hotel ballrooms to 50' semi-trailers housing historical artifacts for a Fortune 100 multinational celebrating its centennial anniversary.

    Our design and fabrication team has created exhibits that knock down into the smallest components, yet withstand anything nature has to throw at them.

    So often in mobile exhibits, the form of the exhibit gives way to the function. Not so with Morley, where every detail is planned out in advance to maximize the utility of the exhibit – but not at the expense of your overall design intent established at the onset of the application.

    They say the devil is in the details, and there is no better application of that principle than taking your show on the road. The simplest of situations can be magnified exponentially when the deliverable is required to travel from place to place.

    Ride & Drive Events

    ED mobile rideThere is nothing like the experience of getting behind the wheel of a new car or truck and putting it through its paces, whether it is on a closed course or the open road. We have been producing ride and drive activities for both consumers and automotive clients and dealership personnel for over 30 years.

    In creating an event that incorporates a ride and drive component, we work with you to identify the ride characteristics or engineering features to highlight during the driving experience.

    Then, in either a closed course or an open road experience, our professionals create the opportunities to capitalize on your need to showcase the vehicle.

    In closed-course settings, we make every effort to properly exhibit the vehicle performance characteristics and highlight various handling features in the space available at the mall or stadium parking lots often used in off-road experiences.

    When an open road course is used, our automotive specialist staff plots a drive route that uses available public roads to thoroughly feature product benefits and superiority while adhering to public safety concerns in posted traffic zones.