• Process

    We leave nothing to chance. We have carefully studied, diagramed and translated each stage of our trade show management and exhibit production processes into flow charts, Gantt charts and procedural checklists. As we learn how each new client prefers to work, we customize each procedure to meet the exacting needs of the client.

    The result: exhibit and display deliverables that capitalize on our best practices and fully comply with your preferences and branding.

  • Our Team

    Dedicated Program Manager

    Overseeing this exacting science is a dedicated Morley Program Manager who is with you at every step in the process, directing our internal resources and managing any third-party vendors that are required. From discussing initial concepts and preparing the budget, to providing all elements in the project scope and delivering the final invoice, this person is there for you, 24/7, following your directions as a key member of your team.

    Skilled Professionals

    ED show skilledWe employ dedicated associates in all skilled crafts, including small- and large-format graphics production, multimedia and audio/visual applications, exhibit fabrication, painting, carpentry, metal fabrication and assembly.

    This core team has hundreds of years' combined experience turning raw materials into successful presentations of client messaging. Artifact displays, fine furniture production, special-use displays ... whatever your need, our artisans address it with finesse, professionalism and a passion for producing flawless work.

    For many of our clients, sustainability has become a mandate in the production of corporate displays and exhibits. Morley's craftsmen are trained in incorporating eco-friendly elements into any client deliverable.

    Our builders and installers are experts in every facet of the construction process and all materials, including fabric, plastics, wood, laminates and metals. All work is done in a cost-effective, quality-oriented manner and in compliance with state and federal materials safety laws and guidelines.

    Display Technicians

    We are proud to have a team of display technicians who are knowledgeable in all facets of installation and dismantle (I&D). They gained their experience firsthand through years spent on the road in countless venues, both in North America and around the globe.

    Before they go on the road, our techs spend years in house building displays and exhibits and are trained extensively regarding the management of on-site labor teams. Through their work, they gain a thorough understanding of exhibit properties' construction from the ground up. Their ability to apply this knowledge on the road in any setting, whether a convention center, hotel ballroom or traveling road show, coupled with their can-do attitude, makes our techs powerful members of your on-site team.

    Financial Accountability

    We believe that it is vital for each project to be both on time and on budget. So, for every project we produce, you receive an estimated budget detailing all costs. If for any reason there is a change in scope, we provide you with updated financial information to help you make the most informed decisions. At the end of the project, you receive a final invoice with complete backup documentation.

  • MAPP

    ED show mapp screen capture

    We created the Morley Asset Planning Portal (MAPP), an asset management website, to allow clients to view and order existing assets for use at events and trade shows. With this tool, you can leverage your organization’s entire exhibit inventory via a centralized location, accessible anywhere, at any time. We can manage inventory on behalf of clients, or make the site available should clients prefer to manage/access/order exhibits themselves.

    MAPP functionality includes:

    • Event information
      • Event information is dynamically added to the database as you type
      • View all event schedules or display specific schedule types
    • Tasks
      • Task status including active, complete, planning, waiting, on hold and canceled
      • Set due dates and meet deadlines
      • Completed tasks are date stamped
      • Scheduled email reminders
    • Inventory catalog
      • Comprehensive real-time inventory management system
      • Instantly view and print an inventory list
      • Link setup instructions, CADs, electrical grids, crating details and other pertinent data related to the inventory items
    • Live project calendar



  • MorLEAD

    ED show morleadPivotal to the success of trade shows and client events are the sharing and gathering of information before, during and after the event. With the support of our deeply talented internal IT and BPO groups, we have created an information resource designed to encourage participation in your event, communicate information at the point of contact and gather pertinent follow-up information for your future customer or prospect touch points.

    The MorLEAD system incorporates both contact center and online capabilities designed to provide information to and from the participants and the provider. Whether you’re looking to generate booth traffic at a particular trade show or to assess the success of a particular marketing communications initiative or event solution, you can use the MorLEAD system to share information in effective and efficient ways.

    As clients seek to leverage resources and provide optimal returns on investments in shows, meetings and events, the acquisition of meaningful data for future applications is especially significant. From processing sales leads to handling requests for information, the MorLEAD system is a cost-effective solution for your marketing needs.

  • Transportation

    ED show tranportationFor your convention, trade show, product fair, auto show, customer event or permanent installation, your properties must arrive on time and in peak condition. We understand this, and ensure your exhibits' safe and timely arrival by using preferred, pre-approved reputable carriers and industry-proven shipping practices.

    Competent Carriers

    We provide domestic and international shipping of exhibits or displays in the most expeditious and economical manner so you can be confident that your properties will arrive at any location, anywhere on the globe, in the time frames required.

    We have negotiated preferential pricing with overnight carriers and over-the-road trucking firms to keep your transportation costs at a minimum while ensuring your high-dollar-value goods are in the hands of one of our trusted partners.

    Morley chooses the appropriate shipping method for your timing and budget, e.g., ground, air or marine. We utilize overnight services such as Federal Express or UPS, expedited services, over-the-road trucking services, container shipping or personal delivery options so that your exhibit or display is there when you need it.

    Smart Shipping Practices

    Trusted transportation is only one part of the equation. Our team's internal shipping practices and controls are also key in keeping your exhibits on schedule and looking good.

    Whether it's a small package in a carton or a large shipment in traveling tubs or crates, our fabrication team works closely with our shipping and receiving team to make sure your items are properly packaged and safely secured before shipping out. Your Morley Program Manager then tracks your shipments on their way from our headquarters to their final destination, and can pinpoint their location at any moment. After the event, all items destined for warehousing in your assets inventory are inspected upon return, and any repair or refurbishments completed so they're ready for future applications.

  • Sustainability

    ED show sustainabilityLong before it was considered fashionable to incorporate sustainable solutions in the production of exhibits and displays, we were assisting clients in executing communications strategies in a thoughtful, eco-friendly way.

    More than simply a decision to use green materials, our solution encompasses a total program approach from exhibit planning and fabrication to collateral, show services and overall inventory management. When a company makes a conscious decision to "go green," it can be assured that we have the experience to not just talk the talk, but walk the walk.

    For over 20 years, we have actively participated in helping clients apply sustainable practices in their exhibits and displays. From designing exhibit properties with reuse in mind to selecting the latest sustainable materials; and from using recyclable materials and reducing weight to opting for high-efficiency, low-output lighting and technology applications, we engage in an ongoing dialogue with you to maximize ROI while minimizing waste and non-environmentally friendly production practices. Eco- and cost-conscious considerations can coexist when we apply our sustainable business practices and solutions to your needs and desires.

  • Morley Global® Presence

    ED show globalAs international boundaries have shrunk and the world is truly a global marketplace, we have sought to provide you with worldwide exhibit and display solutions. Morley Global has affiliates located literally throughout the world.

    Wherever you have a need, we have the knowledge, competency and experience to provide the resources required to offer you a global solution. Regardless of the application, Morley Global is recognized as a one-stop shop that can address any exhibit or display requirement. Our ability to meet any client expectation no matter where it surfaces in a cost-effective, value-centered way gives you the ultimate in flexibility and consistency.

    Leveraging consistent branding considerations with local culture, customs and resources allows you to capitalize on everything you need wherever those needs arise.

    No matter what continent, what country, what state, province, city and venue, Morley Global has never been challenged in its ability to provide a total client solution.