• Website User Support (Health Insurance)

    Our technical help desk services are designed to provide our clients’ stakeholders with quick resolution of their issues. Help desk staff are knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and dedicated to providing timely follow-up and ongoing communication in cases where a first-call resolution cannot be reached.

    For one particular client in the health insurance field, we developed a full-time, full-service web support help desk to provide its customers with technical assistance. The client had several part-time contractors managing the website help desk but wanted to move to a single supplier. This required a smooth transition so that customer service levels were not disrupted as project management transferred from several suppliers to our contact center.


  • Technical Assistance Center (Automotive)

    TAC is a help desk for automotive service technicians, providing technical information and solutions to dealers in the United States. TAC is staffed by a team of over 200 ASE-certified Technical Consultants who have in-depth knowledge of servicing all vehicle brands under our management.

    Variable influences in TAC include the following items:

    • Assistance with new product launches
    • Performance trending for product quality initiatives
    • Management of the procurement process for restricted parts
    • Support for service technicians with technical issues related to newer vehicle components that are increasingly more integrated
    • Assistance for service technicians with handling the overall increase in vehicle technology
    • Collection of performance data through early diagnostics for product launches in support of the urgency to get new products to market.
  • Service Parts Assistance Center (Automotive)

    SPAC is a dealer-facing contact center that provides order status and tracking, pricing, availability, invoice re-queue and other critical supply chain assistance functions that support dealer parts departments, warehouse distributors, mass merchandisers, consumers and personnel in the United States and Canada. SPAC is staffed by a team of aftermarket consultants trained to use the client’s service parts order processing systems to track the distribution of parts through the supply chain.

    Services are provided in English, Québécois French and Spanish.

    Parts availability and transportation logistics concerns are the primary customer inquiries handled by SPAC. Consistency across front-line agents in their use of work tools and responses to dealers is critical for minimizing repeat contacts.

    Variable influences can include supplier insolvency, weather, warehousing logistics, cycle time to establish inventory, new vehicle launches and discontinued product lines.

    The SWAT (Service With Action Team) is the component of SPAC that provides a triage function to resolve inquiries related to many of the variable influences.