• Research, Data Collection & Reporting and Analysis

    Each of our research products takes advantage of our highly refined systems and commitment to providing the finest customer service in the industry. In addition to analyzing samples, populating databases and compiling data, we use our special skill sets to engage study participants and accomplish each project to your complete satisfaction.

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys

    We conduct initial contact and customer satisfaction surveys for a variety of clients, contacting customers on our clients' behalf to obtain information regarding their recent sales or service experience. To do this, we load client sample onto our automated dialer, and our customer contact representatives work within a pre-established time frame to reach each contact. Customer contact representatives work from a script and engage in active listening, using probing questions if concerns are raised. All phone calls can be recorded and transcribed verbatim, tread coded and uploaded to client websites so clients may access them.

  • Data Cleansing/Validation

    We work with several clients to analyze the quality of their current customer databases. These efforts have been not only to benchmark database condition but also recommend improvements in the housing and administration of that data. Morley has identified key issues with these databases and assisted clients in improving their capture of name and contact information (including email addresses), as well as providing a better understanding of what competitive products those in the database own.

    As a result of identifying some specific data capture issues for one client, we helped design a new system that eliminated the chances for erroneous data being input at car dealerships at the point of purchase. This system generated significant improvement in the quality of the names and addresses housed on the database. Depending on the use of these names for marketing campaigns, the improvement provided substantial savings on mailing costs, as well as enhanced goodwill among customers who now receive more accurate marketing materials. Though it is difficult to quantify the ROI, the client was satisfied enough that it turned an ad-hoc study into an ongoing project.

  • Data Collection, Reporting & Analysis

    We approach each project with an eye toward achieving our clients’ specific goals. Most often, these goals include collecting high-quality data using the most cost-effective method. Each data collection tool and technique our associates deploy is specifically designed to achieve these objectives.

    Great People

    Pivotal to the success of our client deliverables is the caliber of our staff. Mid-Michigan continues to be an affordable region in which to do business and is home to a skilled workforce with strong educational opportunities. Our headquarters campus is surrounded by eight institutions of higher learning, which provide highly capable university students to conduct data-gathering services while maintaining flexible and cost-effective staffing solutions.

    The diversity of our region makes it easy to find exactly the right person to connect with your consumer. Whether you require interviewers of culturally diverse backgrounds or specialists in the field of medicine, health care, automotive or other industries, we have a process in place to identify and secure the interviewers you require.

    Great Tools

    We understand our responsibility to protect the image and integrity of our clients when conducting research services on their behalf. As such, we provide the latest tools, maintain a positive work environment, and offer consistent and honest feedback to ensure first-rate performance.

    We teach Marketing Research Association and Council for Marketing and Opinion Research rules and regulations to ensure that all staff abide by standards that govern consumer privacy policies.

    To promote strong communication skills, we include instruction on how to follow scripts without deviating, maintain an unbiased opinion and refrain from leading respondent answers. We also help interviewers understand the nuances between B2C and B2B projects and provide B2B advanced interviewer "gatekeeper" training to increase the frequency with which interviewers connect with decision makers. To verify training, we record and screen practice calls prior to beginning projects and provide voice coaching as needed before making contact.

    We enhance training by having interviewers study the background of each project in order to ensure consistent survey delivery. Similarly, we enable interviewers to engage in hands-on interaction with the products about which the surveys inquire. This supports our coaching of the interviewers regarding client vernacular, approved keywords and phrases, and tips for adopting appropriate language for each survey.

    Finally, we conduct instruction regarding our advanced CATI system, including recording proper documentation, coding open-ended responses and scheduling callbacks. We believe that the rigor of training combined with advanced technological tools gives our interviewers the ability to gather more in-depth data while projecting a professional image for our clients.

    Dual-Fielding Platform

    Through the use of advanced technology, we are able to collect data simultaneously from multiple sources in real time. This allows us to blend a lower-cost, web-based survey with a higher touch, telephone-based interview. In this scenario, people are automatically removed from our call list as they respond to our web-based request.

    This benefits our clients in three ways. By collecting data from the least expensive resources first, our clients can stretch their budgets. By soliciting only non-responders, our clients collect data quicker and avoid duplication of effort. Finally, by not calling people who have already responded to our web request, our clients avoid potential customer service issues. In the end, our dual-fielding capability provides a higher quality, higher response rate data collection methodology at a lower overall cost.


    Choosing a strategic path to reach the digital customer often involves the use of online resources. Growing acceptance of web-based surveys has made this a potentially cost-effective data-gathering tool for many projects. We enhance this tool by integrating the techniques that come from years of creative design for digital media.

    We have a complete creative department familiar with brand-compliant digital design. This allows us to create aesthetically pleasing websites that are fully compliant with brand specifications. We can incorporate graphics, video or animation to initially engage a subject, or use techniques such as digital status tracking bars to hold a subject's interest.

    In addition to serving your respondents online, we are adept at delivering real-time client reporting via password-protected, encrypted client sites. Our IT reporting capability is specifically designed to give our clients the data and reporting they need to develop the information that is the ultimate goal of our work.


    Our ability to collect high-quality data over the telephone is the direct result of the talented Morley associates who provide these personalized services. Their exhaustive training is blended with a "let them hear you smile" attitude. The same is true for calls conducted in Canadian French, Spanish and any other language required.

    Advanced tools used in our CATI environment, such as sophisticated sample management and predictive dialing, provide us with the technological muscle to tackle the most demanding projects. When it comes to long form open-ended questions, our team is adept at simultaneous transcription and coding to give you the most complete response to your inquiries. Together with our friendly, well-trained associates, our advanced technology provides our clients with a high-quality, low-cost telephone-based data collection capability.


    Despite the advances of the digital revolution, sometimes a piece of paper and a pencil are just what the doctor ordered. When it comes to mail-based data collection, our in-house creative team is once again front and center. We have years of experience creating brand-compliant designs that encourage the strongest response rates. Copywriters, proofreaders, graphic artists and production managers all work together to provide exceptional results.

    Our tools and techniques for managing mail-based studies include data verification as well as complete print and fulfillment services. Upon receiving returned surveys, our team is skilled at scanning, bar coding and using double verification data entry systems to keep your data accurate. Similarly, we use fax techniques that capture facsimile transmissions as digital images. Our mail-based process is designed to help you collect high-quality data at a value-based price.

    Person-to-Person (P2P)

    When it comes to capturing data in a face-to-face environment, we can offer exceptional expertise. Our associates who conduct this work are specifically trained for this unique interpersonal dynamic. Similar to the world of guerilla marketing, person-to-person interviewing requires an unusual blend of boldness and approachability.

    To aid our field data gathering team, we utilize Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) software for laptops and handheld devices. These tools help our team accurately record answers to your questions and allow for quick data compilation at the conclusion of the project.

    Reporting & Analysis

    The process of transforming data into information is different for each of our clients. To accommodate these varying requirements, we deliver data in one of four ways. In each case, we seek to provide reporting and analysis that meets each client's exacting needs.

    FTP Data Exchange

    At our most basic level of data delivery, we utilize the encrypted security of File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to upload data to a client website (or we establish a Morley FTP website for clients to receive collected data). This service provides basic population of a database without the requirement of reporting or analysis. It is perfect for clients who are looking for quick, low-cost data transfer as part of a data collection engagement.

    Data Warehouse

    Clients who desire more interactivity in their data reporting solution use our data warehouse. Here, clients can gain secured Internet access to their data and use a reporter tool to perform basic functions such as tabbing queries prior to importing or exporting data for further analysis. This system provides clients with easy access to their data, the ability to run any type of query desired and the option to import their own data files. For those with the technical expertise, our data warehouse provides all the basic tools necessary to begin the process of analysis.

    Online Reporting

    Our online suite of data reporting tools can be used to provide real-time reporting and analysis. Here, we work with our clients to develop specific reports that the client can access via a password-protected, encrypted website. This tool allows clients to predetermine the format of their data and see it in the final form that best aids their analytical needs. Basic frequencies, internal tabs, conjoint analysis, regression analysis ... it's your data, configured the way you want to see it, in an online environment.

    Final Reporting

    When your project requires final reporting, our research and creative teams work together with you to establish a presentation format that meets your needs. We produce executive summaries and the tabbing sets, correlation analyses and other detailed reports that compose your study. Our PowerPoint and Keynote presentations can be branded to meet your internal guidelines plus provide creative impact. Our goal when producing final reports is to help enlighten your audience with the professionalism that accompanies clear communication.