• Customer Assistance Center (Automotive)

    Our inbound contact center provides client customers with information and answers inquiries regarding vehicles they’ve purchased. Inquiries range from simple product questions to requests for financial reimbursement assistance. CAC agents use various client applications to get a 360-degree view of the customer’s history with the manufacturer to offer the best customer focus possible and help the client achieve its customer retention objectives.

    We also operate a special inbound/outbound customer assistance contact center that provides world-class customer service to an elite group of customers – ones who purchase electric vehicles. The Vehicle Advisor team proactively contacts customers once they have placed an order for their new vehicle. The Vehicle Advisor (VA) walks the customer through the process of confirming the order, target production date and anticipated delivery date. After delivery to the customer, the VA periodically follows up to ensure his/her continued enjoyment of the vehicle. Each customer is assigned his/her own dedicated VA that he/she can call or contact any time assistance is needed. VAs are empowered to use out-of-the-box thinking to provide services to these customers that will exceed their expectations.

  • Customer Action Team (Automotive)

    We provide outbound and inbound customer assistance, proactively identifying and assisting vehicle owners who have experienced excessive repairs on their new vehicles. The proactive customer care that our agents provide is helping our clients retain customers who might otherwise be lost.

    Our clients provide us with research showing the scenarios that would most likely lead to customer defection, and supply us with reports of VIN numbers that match these criteria. Our associates contact the individual dealerships to assess whether they were able to maintain customer satisfaction in these special cases. In situations where the customer maintained a negative viewpoint of their ownership experience, our associates contact the customer directly to provide a listening ear and attempt to provide resolution and goodwill. For example, depending on the circumstance, a proposed solution may involve reimbursing the customer for repairs or free oil changes. All goodwill gestures are approved by a team that investigates the individual cases and protects our client against fraudulent claims.

  • Roadside Assistance (Automotive)

    Roadside Assistance helps customers in many ways, from flat tires or empty fuel tanks to jump starts and towing services – all the things you would expect from an emergency roadside assistance provider. Our agents provide fast, reliable customer care that gets callers back on the road.

  • Social Media Management (Automotive)

    Our agents can manage your social media engagement process, including activity in applicable forums, blogs, Twitter and Facebook for all parent company and brand-related posts in order to provide timely customer service in a way that best matches the user’s preferred communication channel. Within this process, our associates search for tweets or posts that mention the company and its brands and proactively respond.  We also monitor Facebook and Twitter accounts on behalf of our clients to reply to questions or concerns posted.

    We can monitor online activity for specific questions, concerns or comments sent directly to customer service for product-related perception. An added benefit is the discovery of current customer sentiment shared in online discussions related to the product or feature likes and dislikes.

  • Medicare Verification (Health Insurance)

    We serve as the last step in enrolling participants into a Medicare health insurance plan. On behalf of our clients, we perform outbound calls to enrollees, confirm their enrollment details and detect any fraud.

    Our agents receive annual training to answer high-level enrollee questions regarding plan details, participating doctors, when they will receive their new insurance cards, etc. From this pool, we staff the outbound calls based on sample for each week.

    After receiving a daily file of recently enrolled customers, our agents reach out to applicants to confirm their enrollment and ensure they understand the product they have selected, the plan rules and other guidelines. At the end of the call, we confirm enrollment in their new plan and advise customers of the seven-day cancellation policy. If at any time we suspect fraud, we escalate the case according to the client-approved process.

    We make several contact attempts within seven days, and if we’re unable to contact the enrollee, we send him/her a letter and perform several follow-up attempts afterward.

    At any time, clients can view the number of loaded sample records and the current status of each in the verification process via our secure, interactive program website. They can view important metrics using our back-end reporting and the final files that we return.

    By serving as a help desk for this program, we make sure that customers understand what they’re buying, are successfully enrolled and our client's are satisfied.

  • Credit Card Rewards (Financial Services)

    We have developed custom, transaction-based, customer service initiatives for several clients.

    We operate a number of different types of programs around the globe. Some of these programs involve driving loyalty by rewarding customers with points that can later be redeemed for travel and merchandise from Morley-created, program-specific online and print catalogs. Customers who earn points – by using credit cards, for example – receive Morley-issued statements detailing their point balance, account activity, etc., and we handle all program administration and reward fulfillment.

    To help make programs more cost effective for clients and convenient for their cardholders, we developed the system so that we could receive redemptions via email.

    The customer contact representatives are Morley associates who fluently speak English and Spanish, with other languages provided as required.

    We provide clients with complete program administration including:

    • Database design and administration of all program participants
    • Creative communications for all program elements
    • Purchase and point balance tracking for all participants, and quarterly statement processing
    • Website development
    • Dedicated phone and fax lines to ensure high levels of customer service
    • A selection of merchandise options from which to choose to achieve overall program objectives
    • Complete award fulfillment during the program life using phone, fax and Internet services
    • Continuous updates in data processing, computer system design and programming
    • Monthly program activity reporting to the client, including summary and detail-level reports