• Phone


    Nothing is as comforting during contact center interactions as a caring tone of voice, a knowledgeable response and a willingness to listen. We're proud to say that our clients regard our customer contact representatives as some of the best in the industry. We believe that this enables us to make a positive and professional impression during all communications, which results in increased customer satisfaction, response rates, accuracy and return on investment.

    Great People

    Pivotal to the success of our client deliverables is the caliber of our staff. Mid-Michigan continues to be an affordable region in which to do business and is home to a skilled workforce with strong educational opportunities. Our headquarters campus is surrounded by eight institutions of higher learning, which provide highly capable university students to conduct interactive services while maintaining flexible and cost-effective staffing solutions.

    The diversity of our region makes it easy to find exactly the right person to connect with your stakeholders. Whether you require customer contact representatives of culturally diverse backgrounds, or specialists within a specific industry, we have a process in place to identify and secure the people you require.

    When client needs require either insourcing or offshore resources to achieve a total solution, we have the people, technology, operations and resources to effectuate a comprehensive, cost-effective solution.

    For example, we have placed highly trained customer contact representatives in client facilities to work side by side with the client engineers to offer instantaneous communication with key stakeholders and client customers in real time. This ability to locate contact center experts in the client facilities can be leveraged in a variety of significant ways, all designed to provide maximum flexibility to the operation. To be able to share the customer view with client engineers actively engaged in troubleshooting or designing product enhancements is a real competitive advantage.

    Offering offshore resources throughout the world gives an added dimension to providing the best solution regardless of where the resources reside.

    We are eager to provide and explore these collaborative partnerships when it best serves the client.

    Human Resources Recruiting & Training Practices

    Our approach during a recruitment effort is to discover those who will bring a spirit of self-confidence, courtesy, experience and professionalism to the workplace. We locate required talent through a variety of media, as well as a strong rapport with local/regional organizations and businesses. We invite individuals who prove that they have the ability to inspire others by demonstrating leadership in their areas of expertise to build their careers with us.


    To support the vital need to train resources, we offer a state-of-the-art training center that enables hands-on training for specialized skills. Whether the training need involves the complexity related to a series of sophisticated product lines, or a detailed simulated customer support exercise, our highly skilled instructors create relevant training experiences that effectively prepare us to support your objectives. Our training facilities are flexible and can be configured to meet the most detailed requirements for a variety of client needs.

    Call Monitoring & Recording

    We offer both silent call monitoring and call recording to clients who wish to hear firsthand what their customers are saying about them. Through silent monitoring, clients are able to call in from remote locations and hear interviews as they are happening live. Through call recording, wav files (recordings of actual calls) are emailed directly to the client, downloaded to a website or placed on a secure FTP site. These call monitoring and recording tools bring the data collection process to life for our clients.

    Automated Dialing Technology

    Our automated dialing solution is configured to enable automatic and predictive dialing for our CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) systems. We use it for fast, accurate, automatic digital dialing. It detects busy, no answer and unobtainable numbers instantly, removing the frustration and tedium of repetitive dialing. This increases our productivity, lowers our staff costs and increases job satisfaction among our interviewers.

    We see increased productivity because predictive dialing minimizes the amount of time that an interviewer must wait before being connected with a respondent. Our dialer technology uses algorithms that predict how many extra numbers to dial according to changing conditions. Because more phone numbers are dialed than there are interviewers waiting, interviewers bypass busy signals; unanswered calls; and modem, fax and wrong numbers. Interviewers simply wait a few moments for the next respondent on the line.

  • Webchat

    On client websites, users are offered an opportunity to initiate a chat with a knowledgeable agent for customer service issues. Choosing a strategic path to reach the digital customer necessitates the use of online resources. Growing acceptance of web-based customer contact centers has made web chatting a cost-effective solution. In today's competitive environment, companies want to speak to customers on their terms ... and incorporating web chatting into a CRM profile is one of the ways to accomplish this.

  • Social

    Social Media Management

    Social media has evolved into a valuable way for companies to effectively and economically maintain relationships with current and prospective consumers. With Twitter being considered a mainstream information-sharing resource, and with Facebook operating as one of the most robust social networks of all time, we have established our contact center as a social media management resource.

    We have developed a proven process for assisting companies in generating positive relations with their customers by monitoring and responding to Facebook and Twitter posts, and by addressing comments posted on our clients' Facebook and Twitter fan sites/customer service pages. This process enhances the ability to provide outstanding customer service in the manner in which customers are most comfortable communicating.

    Our social media customer contact representatives are specifically and carefully trained to research and answer requests for information; work with internal clients, agents, dealers and customers to rectify concerns; serve as a liaison for any issues a customer may have; and provide any auxiliary support services.

    Additionally, customer contact representatives are responsible for fielding marketing-related inquiries regarding product or service information, promotions and incentives. They can capture and document key marketing data from consumers in order to create qualified leads and build relationships between customers and our clients.

    Social CRM

    We are actively engaged in the evolution of customer relationship management to the all-engaging "social" customer relationship management, a model designed to truly engage the consumer in the entire process of relationship building with the product provider and leveraging that relationship to totally satisfy customers time and time again. Imagine a company that can interact with a customer across multiple brands and touch points; understand the interests, passions and preferences of that customer; and provide the customer with relevant experiences at his/her preferred touch point(s). Social media and social networking are creating the opportunity for an increasingly direct dialogue with customers. Social CRM is the real-time art of listening to this constantly growing community; recording their interests, passions and preferences; and engaging with them on their terms. In this new paradigm, the customer makes the rules, defines the channels, and leads a collaborative discussion regarding the goods and services they desire.

    Social CRM allows us to observe how customers interact with multiple brands across multiple touch points. It allows us to understand customers’ interests, passions and preferences, and gives us the knowledge to provide each customer with relevant experiences at the optimal touch points and with the appropriate frequency.

    This new reality in the field of customer relationship management and our involvement in the science of customer behavior has created an opportunity for our clients to realize the gains associated with this process.