• Process Management

    We begin each project the same way: by understanding our client's business process and how we are expected to interact with that process. This approach greatly increases the probability of designing a superior system at the lowest possible cost.

    The business process design methodology allows us to create systems that are recognized as both best-in-class and lowest in cost. We believe that solutions come from listening to clients and understanding their goals and responsibilities to others.

  • Project Manager

    A dedicated Morley Project Manager oversees every aspect of each project. This person is with you at every step in the process directing all Morley resources devoted to your project. From discussing initial requirements to managing the reporting and analysis, your Project Manager is there for you, following your directions as a key member of your team.

  • Innovative Technology

    We analyze the commercial applications available to our industry in order to construct a digital environment that ensures our clients' success. The result is a product offering that links web, telephony and computer applications in a seamless environment. This enables us to collect data faster, provide online reporting/analysis and keep a tight grip on costs.

    We are headquartered on an over 450,000-square-foot, 25-acre campus in Saginaw, Michigan. The campus is home to our Enterprise Data Center (EDC), a technical nerve center that boasts fully redundant power including diesel backup generators. The EDC connects to the world via our OC3 private, redundant SONET fiber optic ring, providing guaranteed uptime with diverse paths for phone and Internet access, and automated, reliable security services.

    We understand the critical nature of our clients' data and employ a comprehensive access and security policy to safeguard against unauthorized access. Password-protected door locking mechanisms and strict adherence to data authorization protocols are among the many steps that help secure these important client assets.

    Our flexible and redundant HVAC design guarantees that the system constantly maintains optimum temperature and humidity levels. In addition, the air is continuously filtered for contaminants. Finally, we use a three-step fire protection process (prevention, detection, suppression) to ensure that our clients' data remains safe.

    Image Scanning & Simultaneous Execution

    We have developed proprietary solutions that combine best-of-class imaging solutions, automated workflow and custom integrations into legacy systems. This approach combines paperless, instant access to support images with the ability to efficiently extract key information. Relational data provides clients with unparalleled access and visibility while maintaining low operating costs.

    Dual-Fielding Platform

    Through the use of advanced technology, we are able to collect data simultaneously from multiple sources in a real-time environment. This allows us to blend a lower-cost, web-based survey with a higher touch, telephone-based customer contact representative interview. In this scenario, people are automatically removed from the call list as they respond to the web-based request.

    This dual-fielding capability provides a higher quality data collection methodology at a lower overall cost.

  • Developing Applications

    Seamless integration of all technical capabilities is a must when delivering flexible, cost-effective client solutions. While our focus on delivering state-of-the-art systems is centered on understanding and improving business processes, a key component is having the necessary tools and skills to develop these systems. Our application developers have professional credentials and experience in implementing applications in numerous environments ranging from client server applications to real-time, web-based business applications deployed over the public Internet.

    Our system engineers utilize the latest servers, programming languages and technology tools to provide the appropriate configuration to facilitate client projects. Our server farm and networking components are configured for our capacity-on-demand system design. When clients present new opportunities, we are able to quickly take them on while maintaining maximum quality of service.

    What all these technical infrastructure features have in common is their ability to seamlessly work in concert to provide our clients with innovative, cost-effective solutions.

  • Financial Accountability

    We believe that it is vital for each project to be completed both on time and on budget. So, for every project we produce, you receive an estimated budget detailing all projected costs. If for any reason there is a change of project specifications, we provide you with updated financial information to help you make the most informed decisions.