• Objective

    Develop a full-time, full-service web support help desk for technical assistance

    An insurance client wanted to move the management of its website help desk from several part-time contractors to one full-time provider. It needed a knowledgeable partner to smoothly transition capabilities while providing members with exemplary customer service.

    Morley Solution

    A first-call resolution service desk pairing state-of-the-art call center technology with in-depth, accurate feedback reporting

    • Expanded client’s service staff without adding internal headcount. A team of Morley agents received in-depth branding training to effectively operate as a seamless extension of the client’s existing workforce.
    • Improved support for website navigation and issue resolution. By bundling all help desk management under one roof, Morley’s agents had all pertinent information at their fingertips. This meant agents could solve member questions much more quickly while providing improved, personal service.
    • Responded to members’ comments and communicated feedback to the client. Using the principle of VOC (voice of customer), Morley agents aggregated information on what members were actually saying during inbound calls—which was promptly reported to the client. Using this feedback, Morley and the client continuously looked for ways to improve and streamline help desk services.


    Smooth transition of help desk management and ongoing customer service improvements

    • Our client’s confidence in our capabilities and infrastructure gave them peace of mind as they placed this service with an outside vendor rather than handling it internally.
    • Since launching this new call center earlier this year, Morley and the client continue to collaborate to improve services.
    • Feedback from client and members has been incredibly positive: members appreciate the improved personal interaction, while the client appreciates the in-depth feedback loop.

    At Morley, we work to be a true partner to our clients. That means working together to leverage our award-winning people, processes and technology to enhance your customer service experiences.

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